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Where can I buy the UK Highway Code?

Where can I buy the UK Highway Code?

You can order a copy of The Highway Code book online or buy a copy from most high street bookshops. To stay up to date: sign up to get email alerts when the rules change.

When was the UK Highway Code last updated?

29th of January 2022
The Highway code was changed on the 29th of January 2022, with eight new rules being introduced as well as 49 updates to existing rules.

Do you legally have to indicate UK?

“If you fail to indicate for a pedestrian, and it ends up with someone being hurt, you can be prosecuted, fined and even have your licence taken off you,” explained James O’Malley, at Select Car Leasing.

What year is the latest highway code book?

There will be further changes made to the Code between Sept 2021 and February 2022, with a new printed edition to hit shelves in spring 2022.

Is the Highway Code free online?

Download and install LDC’s Talking Highway Code software for use on PC for free. The Highway Code Plus is reproduced under the terms of Crown Copyright Policy Guidance issued by HMSO and the Queen’s Printer in Scotland.

Is the new Highway Code available to buy?

The Highway Code is available online, as an iOS app (an Android app is being developed) and in print. But the new Highway Code book won’t be published with the latest changes until April 2022.

How is highway code changed in 2022?

Proposed changes to the Highway Code have paved the way for the for the introduction of autonomous vehicles later in 2022. People using ‘self-driving’ cars will be allowed to watch TV on built-in screens, although drivers must be ready to take back control of vehicles when prompted.

Do you have to indicate if no one is behind you?

Whilst we definitely wouldn’t recommend you signal for everything you do on the road—it could cause serious confusion—you certainly won’t get a fault on your test for indicating when no-one’s there. If you forget to signal with someone behind you, however, you might well get a fault.

Can I drive my car with no indicators?

Not using indicators is classed as careless and inconsiderate driving and may also be seen as driving without due care and attention. Without proper signalling to other drivers when switching lanes or using a roundabout, drivers could be responsible for causing an accident.

Is there a new edition of the Highway Code?

The Official Highway Code is seeing one of its biggest overhauls with new rules coming into force. It remains essential reading for any road user. Many rules are a legal requirement and, if you disobey them, you’re committing a criminal offence.

Is there an app for The Highway Code?

The Highway Code is undergoing a digital revolution as Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, launches an interactive app for smartphones.

Is there a new Highway Code book out?

The official highway code Paperback – 5 April 2022.

What are the new Highway Code Changes 2022?

Can passengers use a mobile phone in a car?

As a passenger, you are able to use your mobile phone as long as it is not distracting the driver. You must never encourage the driver to look away and lose concentration of their surroundings. As the driver, on the other hand, you must not, under any circumstances, use your mobile phone while driving.

What to do if someone flashes you on a driving test?

watch the flash, wait for them to stop.. watch that there is no other vehicle coming across (like someone overtaking the vehicle that stopped) and go. In summary.. do not ever ignore the signal but be sure that the act of the driver and his intention (by flashing signal) are consistent and then if it is safe,move.

Can you legally drive with one wing mirror?

Although it may not result in a direct fine, driving with a broken, missing or cracked wing-mirror can result in your vehicle being pulled over by the police.

How is Highway Code changed in 2022?

When can I buy the new Highway Code?

Five key new Highway Code rules are being created in 2022, including a hierarchy which gives greater safety responsibility to those most able to cause harm on the roads.

Is the highway code free online?

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