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Where can I get a VO2 max test?

Where can I get a VO2 max test?

You can get a VO2 max test done at sports medicine facilities, or medical labs that also do stress tests to evaluate heart health.

How much is a VO2 test?

The test is $149, and there are other kinds of add-ons and tests (like resting metabolic rate, blood lactate, etc.) you can opt into for additional cost.

What do you need for a VO2 max test?

To measure VO2 max, you wear a mask and heart rate monitor hooked up to a treadmill or stationary bike. The mask is connected to a machine that collects and measures the volume of oxygen you inhale, and the amount of air you exhale.

What is the most common exercise test for assessing VO2 max in the United States?

Graded exercise testing (GXT)
Graded exercise testing (GXT) is the most widely used assessment to examine the dynamic relationship between exercise and integrated physiological systems.

What is the best VO2 max test?

What the Scores Mean

VO2 Max Norms for Men
Age Very Poor Good
13-19 Under 35.0 45.2-50.9
20-29 Under 33.0 42.5-46.4
30-39 Under 31.5 41.0-44.9

Does Apple watch measure VO2 max?

With watchOS 7, Apple Watch Series 3 and later use an updated algorithm to estimate a user’s cardio fitness level as measured by VO2 max, the maximum volume of oxygen an individual can extract from inhaled air.

Is Vo2 max testing expensive?

Historically, VO2 Max required lab testing. This testing may run as low as $120 per test up to $1,000. More recently, high-performance endurance athletes are turning to smartwatches. It is becoming more common to scrap the costly Vo2 max in the lab for more economical sports wearable devices.

How long does a Vo2 max test take?

The test typically lasts 8–12 minutes, depending on your fitness level. A catheter may be placed in your arm to draw blood and test for lactate levels throughout the process — you can typically opt out of this if needles are an issue.

How much is a VO2 max machine?

Traditionally, the cost for equipment to test VO2 Max has been upwards of $40,000. But recent advances in technology have resulted in much lower prices: around $5,000. When shopping for equipment, be sure to inquire diligently about the recurring costs.

What is the gold standard for VO2 max testing?

VO2 max refers to the maximal uptake of oxygen utilised by an individual measured during peak exercise intensity. As exercise activity increases, so does the demand for the body to utilise oxygen.

Is the VO2 max test reliable?

The results are reasonably accurate granting most sub maximal testing has an error of 10-15%. While this all sounds too good to be true there are some other factors that come into play. If a user has underestimated their HRmax by 15 beats/min the VO2 max will show an error of around 9%.

What is the VO2 max test?

The VO2 max test allows us to measure how much oxygen you burn at any given heart rate during exercise, giving you the most accurate estimation available of caloric burn during your workout. Never again will you have to wonder if those calorie counters on your treadmill are telling you the truth. Weight loss not your thing?

What is the dexafit VO2max test?

Find your precise level of exercise intensity to burn fat, maximize recovery, and optimize your performance. DexaFit’s Vo2max test pinpoints your precise fitness level, pure endurance potential, and cardiovascular degeneration. Learn yours if you want to exercise smarter, avoid overtraining, and detect any early signs of disease.

What are the benefits of the live lean RX VO2 max?

VO2 Max Benefits. A Live Lean Rx VO2 Max Test provides you with the tools you need to set realistic, SMART goals, exercise smarter and evaluate improvement over time. Efficient exercise means bigger and better returns on your fitness investments.

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