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Where do most of the refugees in Germany come from?

Where do most of the refugees in Germany come from?

Half of the refugees are from Syria. Germany also hosts 27 000 stateless persons. At the same time, Germany supports the worldwide work of UNHCR: for years, the country has been the second biggest bilateral donor after the US. UNHCR in Germany is based in Berlin with a sub-office in Nuremberg.

What benefits do refugees get in Germany?

In-kind benefits, free services in refugee camps Asylum seekers in Germany, after registering in a refugee camp, are entitled to cover the necessary needs for food, housing, heating, clothing, personal hygiene and various household items. All these needs can be met in the refugee camp or the camps provide support.

Do refugees get child benefit?

Yes, sponsored refugee families with children are eligible for a child tax benefit when they get to Canada. Refugees should apply as soon as they arrive in Canada. It may take up to two months to process the application.

What is the new law for refugees in Germany 2022?

Visa (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) for Duldung Status Holders People who have been living in Germany for five years till January 1, 2022, will also be able to get a one-year residence permit on probation. The requirements are that they have not committed a criminal offense and are committed to the free democratic basic order.

Can refugees study in Germany?

As a rule, refugees are allowed to study at German universities. Normally you won’t encounter any problems if your status is recognised (entitled to asylum, granted refugee protection etc.). The same applies if your application for asylum is still being processed or if you only hold a “tolerated” status.

Is Germany good for asylum?

Germany remains the top destination for people seeking protection in Europe, with the number of asylum applications filed in the country already exceeding the 100,000 mark in 2021.

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