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Where is ladarius Marshall now?

Where is ladarius Marshall now?

La’Darius returned to Navarro for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons and will be featured on season 2. He told Dallas Morning News in January 2021 that he has acting aspirations.

Does ladarius have a kid?

They always say kids grow up so fast but man am I proud of my daughter 🥺 she continues to be more and more like me.

How old is ladarius Marshall?

24 years (May 9, 1998)La’Darius Marshall / Age

Where is ladarius Marshall from?

Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Marshall is originally from Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He attended Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, where he was member of the cheer team coached by Monica Aldama. Prior to starring on the series Cheer, a video of him cheering on his teammates at a sporting event went viral.

Is Jerry from Cheer in jail?

Harris has been in federal prison since his arrest. During that time, he has sought treatment for the “diagnosed trauma disorders for which he suffers,” his attorney said. “With his plea of guilty, Jerry will spend the rest of his life making amends for what he has done,” Pugh said.

Is ladarius OK with Monica?

La’Darius had trauma, and Monica and the cheer team gave him something to be proud of. Which made the falling out even that much sadder. Now Monica is talking to Entertainment Tonight about what went down and where they stand now. Monica revealed, “We’re in a good place.

Did La Darius and Monica make up?

Why did ladarius turn on Monica?

He also said of Monica on the show: ‘When she came back from Dancing With the Stars, it was almost like she forgot where she came from. ‘ And according to Style Caster, La’Darius accused Monica and Navarro College of ‘physical and mental abuse’.

How old is Monica Aldama?

50 years (February 9, 1972)Monica Aldama / Age

Are Monica and ladarius friends?

From the very beginning, the two had an extremely close bond. Monica considered him family and he told her that she was the closest thing he had to a mother. La’Darius had trauma, and Monica and the cheer team gave him something to be proud of.

How old is Gabi Butler?

24 years (January 16, 1998)Gabi Butler / Age

Where is Lexi now from Cheer?

Lexi has also launched a YouTube Channel and started her own tumbling tutorial program called Cheer Fit. Marking a year since the release of Cheer Season 1 on her Instagram, Lexi reflected on the opportunities the Netflix series has brought her.

What is Monica Aldama salary?

So how much does Monica Aldama make as Navarro Cheer’s coach? According to, which includes data from public records, Monica made an annual salary of $84,627 as an instructor at Navarro College in 2017.

Why did ladarius quit?

‘ And according to Style Caster, La’Darius accused Monica and Navarro College of ‘physical and mental abuse’. He has also recently posted an Instagram story, telling fans he is going to release a video explaining why he quit, saying he wants to ‘clear the air and tell the truth. ‘

Does Gabi Butler have a sister?

Amanda ButlerGabi Butler / Sister

Is Gabi Butler still in college?

Gabi returned for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons at Navarro before becoming a student and cheerleader at Weber State University in Utah. She will be featured in season 2.

Who is the best cheerleader in the world 2021?

1 – Brandon All-Stars Senior Black – 145.8.

  • 2 – Cheer Extreme Coed Elite – 138.8.
  • 3 – Prodigy All Stars Midnight – 135.75.
  • 4 – KC Cheer FIERCE FIVE – 132.1.
  • 5 – The California All Stars – Camarillo SMOED – 131.7.
  • 6 – World Cup Odyssey – 129.75.
  • 7 – Top Gun All Stars Guardians – 129.5.
  • 8 – ICE Winter – 129.35.
  • Who is the most famous cheer team?


    1 SC Cheer Fearless
    2 Elite Cheer Stars
    3 Cheer Central Suns Lady Suns
    4 The California All Stars – Mesa Vixens

    Who has the most cheer wins?

    USASF/IASF Worlds is the most prestigious event in the world for highest levels of all-star. Cheer Athletics has won 26 World Championships, 29 Silvers, and 16 Bronzes at the USASF Worlds.

    Who won 2021 Cheer Worlds?

    USA and Finland dominate final day of ICU World Cheerleading Championships. The USA team won the jazz and hip hop team events as Finland claimed a third straight All-Girl Premier title on an enthralling final day of action from the 2021 virtual event.

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