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Where is the atlanto-occipital joint located?

Where is the atlanto-occipital joint located?

The atlanto-occipital joint on each side is between the occipital condyles and the superior facets on lateral masses of the atlas. (Fig 3.8) This is an ellipsoidal joint supported by the anterior and posterior atlanto-occipital membranes connecting the margins of the foramen magnum to the arches of atlas.

What bones are in atlanto-occipital joint?

The atlanto-occipital joint is an articulation between the atlas bone and the occipital bone. It consists of a pair of condyloid joints. It is a synovial joint.

Which ligament checks atlanto-occipital side flexion and rotation?

Anterior atlantooccipital ligament (and membrane)

How does atlanto occipital dislocation happen?

When severe flexion or extension exists at the upper cervical level, atlanto-occipital dislocation may occur. Atlanto-occipital dislocation involves complete disruption of all ligamentous relationships between the occiput and the atlas.

Where is posterior atlantoaxial ligament?

The posterior atlantoaxial ligament is a broad, thin membrane attached, above, to the lower border of the posterior arch of the atlas; below, to the upper edges of the laminæ of the axis.

Which ligaments and membranes strengthen the atlanto-occipital joint?

Several ligaments cross the atlantooccipital joint and participate in its stability. These are the ligamentum nuchae, alar ligament, apical ligament, lateral atlantooccipital ligament, anterior atlantooccipital membrane and ligament, posterior atlantooccipital membrane and tectorial membrane.

What is the atlantooccipital ligament?

Anterior Atlantooccipital Ligament: Extends from the Foramen Magnum (hole in occiput) to the front of the C1 bone. Posterior Atlantoocipital Ligament: Extends from the back of the Foramen Magnum to the back side of the C1 bone. It is a continuation of the Ligamentum Flavum. The are a large number of small muscles in the upper neck.

What is the atlanto occipital joint (AO)?

The Atlanto-Occipital Joint (AO) is formed by the union of the Skull (C0) and the C1 bone. The Atlanto-Occipital Joint (AO) is composed of cartilage, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

What does calcification of the atlanto-occipital ligament mean?

Atlanto-occipital ligament calcification: a novel sign in nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome The calcification of the atlanto-occipital ligament should be considered in addition to the other major criteria for NBCCS diagnosis.

What is the atlanto-occipital articulation?

Atlanto-occipital articulation. Dr Craig Hacking ◉ ◈ and Dr Matthew Jarvis ◉ et al. The atlanto-occipital articulation is comprised of a pair of condyloid synovial joints that connect the occiput (C0) to the first cervical vertebra (atlas/C1).

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