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Where is the marshes of Hjaalmarch?

Where is the marshes of Hjaalmarch?

northern Skyrim
Hjaalmarch is located in northern Skyrim, at the mouth of the Karth River. Morthal lies near the center of the hold.

Can you buy property in Morthal?

Yes, you must be a Thane in Morthal in order to purchase a house.

Who do you have to help in Morthal Skyrim?


Quest Giver Quest Location
Gorm For the Good of Morthal Morthal / Solitude
Hroggar Chop Wood Morthal
Idgrod the Younger Delivery Morthal / Whiterun
Jorgen Chop Wood Morthal

How do you get the quest laid to rest in Skyrim?

This quest can be started by speaking with the Moorside Inn innkeeper, Jonna, who will mention the burned down house nearby. Alternatively, Idgrod Ravencrone (or Sorli the Builder if the Dragonborn sided with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War) can be asked regarding the subject.

How do I buy land in Hjaalmarch?

You will have to complete the quest Laid to Rest before being allowed to purchase land if Idgrod is still jarl; Sorli will allow you to purchase it out of gratitude for your help installing her, whether that was because of Season Unending or conquering Hjaalmarch for the Stormcloaks.

Is Hjaalmarch solitude?

Despite its position just east of the capital of Skyrim, Solitude, Hjaalmarch is remote and isolated.

Who do you have to help in Hjaalmarch?

Hjaalmarch Favor Quests

Quest Giver Giver Location Objective(s)
Hroggar Morthal, Alva’s House
Idgrod the Younger Morthal, Highmoon Hall Deliver Idgrod’s Note to Danica
Jorgen Morthal, Jorgen and Lami’s House
Lami Morthal, Jorgen and Lami’s House Bring one Song of the Alchemists to Lami

Can I become Thane of Morthal?

If you joined the imperials, you can only become thane when you’ve completed the imperial’s Civil War quest line. The objectives you need to complete here are as simple as is Morthal. Obtain the Helm for the Jarl, and then help out five people in his Hold, and purchase a piece of property for 15000.

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