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Which is the best Denitrifier in the marine environment?

Which is the best Denitrifier in the marine environment?

Marine denitrifiers were dominated by Shewanella baltica [2] and Marinobacter spp. [3]. However, cultivation is known to be highly selective for certain organisms and the lack of appropriate tools to study these bacteria in the environment have limited our knowledge of denitrifier ecology.

What is the electron donor for denitrification?

Denitrification can occur either heterotrophically or autotrophically. Heterotrophic bacteria use an organic carbon source as an electron donor to convert nitrite and nitrate to free nitrogen gas under anoxic conditions. This process is very efficient in wastewater when a sufficient carbon source is available.

How do denitrifiers acquire energy?

Most denitrifiers also utilize aerobic respiration to obtain energy but the processes of aerobic respiration and denitrification are normally distinct because of metabolic regulation; in the presence of oxygen the genes encoding denitrifying enzymes are repressed.

What is the purpose of denitrifiers?

Denitrifiers are anaerobic bacteria which have the capacity to reduce nitrogen oxides when oxygen becomes limiting.

Which bacteria reduce nitrate in soil into nitrogen?

The reduction of nitrate back into nitrogen in the soil is called as denitrification. This process is performed by bacteria like Pseudomonas, Clostridium etc.

Which of the following mediates the process of denitrification?

So, the correct answer is ‘Pseudomonas’.

What is denitrification in the nitrogen cycle?

Denitrification is the process that converts nitrate to nitrogen gas, thus removing bioavailable nitrogen and returning it to the atmosphere.

What can Organotrophs use as an electron source?

In the present day biosphere, the most common electron donors are organic molecules. Organisms that use organic molecules as an energy source are called organotrophs. Organotrophs (animals, fungi, protists) and phototrophs (plants and algae) constitute the vast majority of all familiar life forms.

Is nitrogen an electron donor or acceptor?

The nitrogen atoms of organic molecules readily enter into donor-acceptor interactions, giving off an electron from their lone pair.

Why is nitrogen removed from wastewater?

Habitats of aquatic life decrease due to the decline in oxygen thereof. Biological (activated sludge) treatment is the most commonly used process for nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

What is the role of Pseudomonas in nitrogen cycle?

Solution : Pseudomonas is a denitrifying bacteria which convert ionic forms of nitrogen into nitrogen gas.

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