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Which is the best kavadi in Tamil Nadu?

Which is the best kavadi in Tamil Nadu?

The most spectacular practice is the vel kavadi, essentially a portable altar up to two meters tall, decorated with peacock feathers and attached to the devotee through 108 vels pierced into the skin on the chest and back.

Which is the famous festival of Chennai?

Chennai celebrates a number of festivals. Pongal, celebrated in the month of January, is the most important festival of and is celebrated over a period of five days. Pongal has been designated the “State Festival” for its unique celebration that is typical of Tamil Nadu.

How do you take kavadi?

For about 48 days, they should not consume any non-vegetarian foods; they should take bath twice a day and that too in cold water; they should not indulge in family pleasure during those days, they should not trim their hair; they should not wear slippers, and they should visit temple every day.

What is kavadi festival?

Kavadi attam is a ceremonial sacrifice practised by Lord Murugan’s devotees. It is a special event during Thaipoosam. The Kavadi consists of two light weight bamboo baskets suspended on both ends of a long bamboo. This is carried on the devotees shoulders and devotees dance to the tune along the pilgrimage route.

Does Kavadi hurt?

Those who get their bodies pierced report that they feel little to no pain Yashven Raj Vigneswaran. Yashven Raj, who is also a kavadi bearer himself, says body piercers usually observe the same period of abstinence as kavadi bearers.

What is the reason for Kavady?

The Kavady procession is seen as an outward demonstration of mass devotion to God as Lord Muruga. There are various reasons for carrying the Kavady but the two main categories are firstly to express thanks to Lord Muruga or to ask Muruga for help in overcoming a particular problem.

Which language is speak in Chennai?

Unlike those in Madurai or Coimbatore, Chennaiites may not speak a specific variant of Tamil, but if there is a language that is truly Chennai, it has got to be Madras Tamil or ‘Madras bashai’.

Does kavadi hurt?

How many types of Kavadi are there?

There are at least five different types of kavadi, including those that do and do not pierce the body. The simplest kavadi consists of a short wooden pole surmounted by a wooden arch, and pictures or statues of Lord Murugan or other deities are fixed onto the arch.

Why do people Pierce during Kavady?

Carrying a kavadi involves some kind of body piercing to secure it. This ritual of self-sacrifice, and the trancelike state devotees enter into when their skin is being pierced, is intended to defeat inner demons and gain Lord Murugan’s blessing.

How do you fast for Thaipusam?

Throughout the tenth month of Thai, purification of the body is a necessity. This includes taking just one vegetarian meal a day, and sexual abstinence. In addition, a 24-hour fast is observed on the eve of Thaipusam. Most women devotees carry a pot of milk called a palkuddam.

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