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Which Stations of the Cross are in the Bible?

Which Stations of the Cross are in the Bible?


  • 1st Station: Jesus is condemned to death.
  • 2nd Station: Jesus takes up his Cross.
  • 3rd Station: Jesus falls for the first time.
  • 4th Station: Jesus meets his Mother.
  • 5th Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the Cross.
  • 6th Station: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.
  • 7th Station: Jesus falls for the second time.

How many Stations of the Cross are there 15?

Traditionally there were fourteen stations. During his papacy, which began in 1978, Pope John Paul II encouraged Catholics to add a fifteenth Station, the Resurrection of Christ, which is now included in many Catholic churches.

Who made the 15 Stations of the Cross?

But Stewart’s Good Friday gathering has focused not on the usual representations of those events — on the judgment of Jesus, or his walk to Calvary, or his crucifixion, death and entombment — but on a collection of 15 abstract modernist paintings by Barnett Newman, made between 1958 and 1966, known as “Stations of the …

When was the fifteenth Station of the Cross added?

In 2000, Pope John Paul II established a 15th station — the resurrection. Both the Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church have Stations of the Cross.

What is the 15th station of the Cross?

the resurrection

What are the names of the 14 Stations of the Cross?

The series of stations is as follows: (1) Jesus is condemned to death, (2) he is made to bear his cross, (3) he falls the first time, (4) he meets his mother, (5) Simon of Cyrene is made to bear the cross, (6) Veronica wipes Jesus’ face, (7) he falls the second time, (8) the women of Jerusalem weep over Jesus, (9) he …

Who wrote the 14 Stations of the Cross?

In the end it was Leonard of Port Maurice or Porto Maurizio (Italy) (1676–1751), a Franciscan of the Riformella, who established what we know as the 14 Stations of the Cross. During his long life as missionary, Saint Leonard erected more than 570 Stations of the Cross.

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