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Which super fund is best for healthcare workers?

Which super fund is best for healthcare workers?

The nursing industry recommends superfunds such as Hesta or First State but consider what these funds can provide you with, as well as voluntary contributions into super and the benefits of doing so.

Who owns HESTA superannuation?

H.E.S.T. Australia Limited
Governance. HESTA is run by a Trustee company called H.E.S.T. Australia Limited. The Board of the trustee consists of six Directors appointed by employees, six Directors appointed by employers, an independent Director and an independent chair.

What is the safest super fund in Australia?

Top 20 super funds

Super fund Investment option 10 yr return (% per yr)
AustralianSuper Balanced 10.6%
UniSuper Accum (1) – Balanced 10.6%
Cbus Growth (Cbus MySuper) 10.3%
VicSuper FutureSaver – Growth (MySuper) 10.2%

Is HESTA a good super fund?

Canstar has again recognised the HESTA Income Stream pension product with the 2021 Canstar 5–Star Rating for outstanding value. We were Money magazine’s most awarded super fund in their 2021 Best of the Best Awards, including for Best Balanced Super Product.

Does health super still exist?

Health Super is no longer operating/trading. See all Superannuation Funds.

Which bank is HESTA with?

JP Morgan Chase Bank (ABN 43 074 112 011) is our custodian.

Is HESTA ethical?

Industry super fund Hesta’s Sustainable Growth fund returned 11.7 per cent over the five years to the end of 2021. That puts it about one percentage point ahead of both the next best-performing ethical option and the best-performing balanced option.

Which is better AustralianSuper or HESTA?

Looking at their investment allocation, AustralianSuper Balanced has more exposure to international shares than HESTA Balanced Growth. Overall, AustralianSuper Balanced has a bit more exposure to high-risk, growth assets, but the difference is only minor.

What is health super called now?

Health Super is now trading as First State Super. The listing for First State Super is available via this link.

How do I find my super fund?

You can manage your super using ATO online services through myGov. This enables you to: view details of all your super accounts, including lost or unclaimed amounts….To find and manage your super using ATO online services:

  1. log in or create a myGov account.
  2. link your myGov account to the ATO.
  3. select Super.

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