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Who Is Gamble in The Dark Knight?

Who Is Gamble in The Dark Knight?

Michael Jai White
Instead, the role of “Gamble” has officially gone to Michael Jai White, the muscular martial artist/stuntman/actor best known for roles in such films as “Spawn” and “Exit Wounds.” Thomas and Roven also cleared up fan confusion over who, exactly, the baddie is, explaining that Gamble is one of several mob bosses …

What happened to gamble in The Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight After bringing in a body bag with the Joker’s body, Gambol prepares to pay the bounty hunters, but the Joker suddenly jumps to his feet, very much alive. The bounty hunters, who in fact work for the Joker, take Gambol’s men hostage. The Joker then kills Gambol by stabbing him in the mouth.

Who is Lau in The Dark Knight?

Chin Han
The Dark Knight (2008) – Chin Han as Lau – IMDb.

Who is the first villain defeated by Batgirl?

He is also famous for being the first villain defeated by Batgirl. Later he made a deal with the demon Neron, and became a monstrous, insect-like creature. Lyle Bolton is a man specializing in incarceration and high tech security systems.

How does Robin die in Batman and Robin?

Robin visits a Doctor to ask about Batman’s mind. But while eaving, he is captured by the Gorilla Gang, who send a note saying Robin die’s at dawn, prompting Bruce to become Batman to stop Robin really dying. Robin is tied up and gagged and placed in a giant bubble attached to the ground with ropes, when it is cut he will float into space.

What happened to Jackie Glee in Batman?

Jackie Glee was a man working for Sal Maroni, but failed him for not killing a police officer named James McDouget. He told Maroni that he could kill Batman, but killed a reporter, Brian Townsend, instead, believing he was the Batman. His failure cost him his life.

Who is Gunhawk in Batman and Robin?

Liam Hawkleigh is a highly paid mercenary who has encountered Batman and Robin several times. He had a female companion named Gunbunny, later Pistolera, who is a member of the Ravens. After the death of Pistolera, Gunhawk gets himself a new female partner, the second Gunbunny.

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