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Who is No 1 sexiest man in Asia?

Who is No 1 sexiest man in Asia?

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has been voted the world’s sexiest Asian man for the third time in four years.

Who is the most handsome man in 2009?

Actor Johnny Depp was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2009 on Wednesday. Here’s the US magazine’s list of 15 sexiest men.

Who is 17th sexiest man in Asia?

Zain Imam is the 17th Sexiest Man But readers, are you all aware that his handsome man got his due for being so good-looking in the year 2019 when he was ranked 17th in Asia’s Handsome Men 2019.

Who is Asia’s hottest man 2021?

Prabhas The Bahubali actor, Prabhas, will be the most handsome man in Asia in 2021 (as per recent reports).

Who is sexiest person in Asia?

1/ 10. Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has been named the Sexiest Asian Man in the world for 2019 in the UK-based Eastern Eye newspaper’s 16th edition of the world-famous list.

  • 2/ 10. 2) Shahid Kapoor. (
  • 3/ 10. 3) Vivian Dsena. (
  • 4/ 10. 4) Tiger Shroff. (
  • 5/ 10. 5) Zayn Malik. (
  • 6/ 10. 6) Harshad Chopda. (
  • 7/ 10.
  • 8/ 10.
  • Who is the sexiest in Asia?

    Alia Bhatt topped the list of the sexiest Asian woman of 2019. She is followed by last year’s winner Deepika Padukone, who dropped down to the second position this year. Followed by Deepika Padukone, and bagging the third position is none other than Hina Khan, who surprised her fans yet again.

    Who was the hottest guy in 2008?

    Hugh Jackman was named People magazine’s “sexiest man alive” for its 2008 issue. Matt Damon was named People magazine’s “sexiest man alive” for its 2007 issue.

    Who is the most handsome man in 2010?

    Times 50 Most Desirable Men of 2010: The Winners

    1. Hrithik Roshan 11. Aamir Khan 21. Ajay Devgn
    5. John Abraham 15. Mahendra Singh Dhoni 25. Zaheer Khan
    6. Shah Rukh Khan 16.Rahul Gandhi 26. Muzzamil Ibrahim
    7. Akshay Kumar 17. Vijendra Singh 27. Farhan Akhtar
    8. Arjun Rampal 18. Ajith 28. Ranvijay Singh

    Who is most handsome man in the Asia 2022?

    Kim Taehyung (V) is considered the most handsome boy in Korea. YouTube channel’s “Top 10 World” declared V as the most handsome man in the world in 2020. And we also have him on our list of the most handsome men in the world in 2022 owing to his charming face and adorable looks.

    Who is the sexist man in India?

    Outlook Web Desk

    The S-Class
    Rank Name Score*
    1. Shahrukh Khan 7.58
    2. Aamir Khan 7.52
    3. Hrithik Roshan 7.19

    Who is the sexiest man in Asia list?

    Top 10 Asia’s most handsome men of 2021 – In Pics

    1. 1. ‘
    2. Imran Abbas Naqvi from Pakistan.
    3. Jin Akanishi from Japan.
    4. Kim Hyun Joong from South Korea.
    5. Nhan Phuc Vinh from Vietnam.
    6. Huang Xiaoming from China.
    7. Vivian Dsena from India.
    8. Fawad Khan from Pakistan.

    Who was the hottest guy in 2000?

    Top 10 Sexiest Men of the 2000s

    • #8: Usher.
    • #7: Enrique Iglesias.
    • #6: Matthew McConaughey.
    • #5: Justin Timberlake.
    • #4: Heath Ledger.
    • #3: George Clooney.
    • #2: Brad Pitt.
    • #1: Ryan Gosling.

    Who is the most handsome man in the world 2013?

    It’s official: Adam Levine is People magazine’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive.

    Who is handsome in BTS?

    Jungkook of BTS elected the world’s most handsome man Jungkook of the famous boy band ‘BTS’ has been crowned the Most Handsome Man. The King Choice has declared the Korean singer as the most handsome man of 2021. The 24-year-old is the youngest member of BTS.

    Who’s the most famous celebrity?


    No. Recipient Career
    1 Oprah Winfrey Television personality
    2 Beyoncé Musician
    3 James Cameron Filmmaker
    4 Lady Gaga Musician

    Who are the hottest male celebrities?

    1. Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to being one of the hottest male celebrities.
    2. Manny Jacinto.
    3. Chris Hemsworth.
    4. Ryan Reynolds.
    5. Michael B Jordan.
    6. Tom Hiddleston.
    7. Henry Golding.
    8. Can Yaman.

    Who is worldwide handsome 2015?

    Robert Pattinson, hero of the film adaptations of the Twilight novels, topped the list of the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015 by a famous US film rating site TC Candler.

    Who is the most handsome man in 2012?

    Actor Channing Tatum has been voted as the Sexiest Man Alive 2012 by People’s magazine.

    Who is most handsome Jin or V?

    BTS’ Jin topped the list of Most handsome K-pop idols 2021 with a total of 195,920 votes. He has always been praised and loved by the ARMY members across the world for his looks. While Jin is on the top of the list, he is followed by his BTS co-members V and Jungkook.

    Who is worldwide handsome in Korea?

    Kim Seok-jin
    Kim Seok-jin, better known as Jin, is one of the charismatic members of South Korean band BTS. The 29-year-old singer often introduces himself as “worldwide handsome” followed by a flying kiss. However, this should not be mistaken as his excessive vanity but his way of lightening the atmosphere.

    Who is the number 1 Sexiest Man Alive?

    Top 100 Sexiest Man Alive. 1 1. Carlos PenaVega. Actor | Big Time Rush. Carlos Roberto PenaVega was born Carlos Roberto Pena Jr. on August 15, 1989 in Columbia, Missouri and 2 2. James Maslow. 3 3. Matt LeBlanc. 4 4. Jake T. Austin. 5 5. Kendall Schmidt.

    Who are the gorgeous men in Asia?

    This is to identify who are the gorgeous men in Asia! Han Geng is a multi-talented, handsome, hot and nice man. He is one of the most popular singer and actor in China now and he has hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world, especially in Asia.

    Who are the most handsome Asian men?

    ‘Baahubali’ actor Prabhas has topped the list of ‘most handsome Asian men’. Credit: DH Photo 2. Imran Abbas Naqvi from Pakistan. Credit: Instagram/imranabbas.official 3. Jin Akanishi from Japan. Credit: Instagram/jinstagram_official 4. Kim Hyun Joong from South Korea. Credit: Instagram/hyunjoong860606 5. Nhan Phuc Vinh from Vietnam.

    Who is the most beautiful Pakistani man in the world?

    Fawad Khan: In 2015, Fawad Khan was named as the ‘Most Beautiful Man of the Year’ at Vogue Beauty Awards. He also became the first Pakistani to be featured on the cover of Indian Magazine Filmfare 7. Salman Khan: In 2004, Salman Khan was listed as the seventh best looking man in the world in People Magazine- USA.

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