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Who is the girl elf in The Santa Clause 2?

Who is the girl elf in The Santa Clause 2?

At the same time, Abby, another elf (Danielle Woodman), delivers news that is more distressing: his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), is on the naughty list. It then cuts to Charlie one night defacing the walls of the school gymnasium from the skylight until he is caught by Principal Carol Newman (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Who is the little girl elf in The Santa Clause?

Paige Tamada
It’s been 24 years since The Santa Clause came out, which means Paige Tamada, AKA Judy the Elf, is no longer nine! Yep, the adorable little Elf who perfected her hot cocoa recipe (not too hot, with extra chocolate, shaken, not stirred) after 500 years, is now 33-years-old.

Who plays Tracy in Santa Clause 2?

Molly Shannon
The Santa Clause 2 (2002) – Molly Shannon as Tracy – IMDb.

Who is Lucy in The Santa Clause 2?

Lucy Miller is Neil and Laura’s daughter, Scott Calvin and Carol Newman-Calvin’s honorary niece, and Charlie Calvin’s half sister in The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

Who is Judy in Santa Clause?

Paige TamadaJudy the Elf / Played by

How old is Lucy in The Santa Clause 2?

Scott returns home to his former wife Laura, her husband Neil, their six-year-old daughter Lucy, and Charlie. He and Charlie face the ire of school principal Carol Newman when Charlie defaces the lockers.

Who was the kid in The Santa Clause?

Eric Lloyd

Eric Lloyd
Born David Eric Lloyd Morelli May 19, 1986 Glendale, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, comedian, musician, producer
Years active 1989–present

Is Liliana Mumy a twin?

She is the sister of former child actor Seth Mumy.

Why does Bernard look older than the other elves?

While most of the elves were played by children, Bernard’s actor, David Krumholtz, was 16 years old during filming, making him noticeably taller and older. In addition, Bernard is not as cheerful as the other elves, instead acting gruff and strict toward Scott as he explains the “Santa Clause” to him.

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