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Who is the owner of ClassDojo?

Who is the owner of ClassDojo?

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two education technology entrepreneurs with experience as teachers, launched ClassDojo in 2011 and have seen it grow to reach more than one million users.

Who is Caitlin at ClassDojo?

Learn all about ClassDojo from Caitlin — a former elementary school teacher, and ClassDojo Mentor, now part of the ClassDojo team! She’ll share her expert tips for communicating with families and creating a community on ClassDojo. Everyone in one place means we’re more connected than ever!

What is ClassDojo worth?

$100 million
Six years later, ClassDojo has raised about $31 million from investors, earning a recent valuation of $100 million, Forbes estimates. Its 30 employees occupy an airy former art gallery in San Francisco’s SoMa area.

Is ClassDojo real?

ClassDojo is a global community of 50M+ teachers and families who come together to share kids’ most important learning moments in school and at home—through photos, videos, messages & more. Since day one, our community has been at the heart of everything we do.

Who is Sam Chaudhary?

Sam Chaudhary is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at ClassDojo .

Is ClassDojo good or bad?

I love ClassDojo, mostly for classroom management, but also for the family connection piece! My opinion is that I truly enjoy this product as a teaching tool. It is not necessarily a resource to support academics, however it does help to keep students engaged and on task.

What grade is ClassDojo?

According to ClassDojo, its app is used by teachers, children and families in 95% of pre-kindergarten through eighth grade schools in the United States, as well in a further 180 countries.

How is ClassDojo free?

ClassDojo was founded with the vision of giving every child on Earth an education they love. To make sure every child can benefit, we’re committed to keeping everything you see on ClassDojo today 100% free for schools, forever. This is supported by funders who believe in bringing ClassDojo’s vision to life.

Is ClassDojo bad for kids?

ClassDojo pits adults and children against each other. Teachers who use ClassDojo spend a great deal of their day catching kids being good and catching kids being bad. Point systems, like token economies, pit children and adults against each other and ultimately rupture relationships through power struggles.

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