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Who owns the rights to Saturday Night Fever?

Who owns the rights to Saturday Night Fever?

Broadway Licensing
The hit jukebox musical is based on Nik Cohn’s 1975 New York Magazine article and Norman Wexler’s 1977 film, and features music by the Bee Gees. Saturday Night Fever has been acquired for North and South American licensing by Broadway Licensing.

Why has Saturday Night Fever been Cancelled?

All performances of the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ musical have been cancelled at Manchester Opera House due to ‘Covid related absences’.

Who owns the dance floor from Saturday Night Fever?

Vito Bruno
It will go up for auction in Los Angeles during the June 26-28 Profiles in History Hollywood Auction, and carries an estimated price of $1 million to $1.5 million. Vito Bruno, who owns the floor, said he started his career at 2001 Odyssey, the club in Brooklyn where “Saturday Night Fever” was filmed.

Where is the white suit from Saturday Night Fever?

the V&A museum
Dezeen Wire: the famous white suit worn by John Travolta in 1977 film Saturday Night Fever has been rediscovered and will be on show at the V&A museum in London from October.

What was the name of the club in Saturday Night Fever?

the 2001 Odyssey disco
16, 1977, starred John Travolta as Tony Manero, who spent his weekends dancing at a Bay Ridge disco. On Wednesday, the sight of the club once known as the 2001 Odyssey disco (famous for its multicolored light up floor), reopened to funky tunes, flared costumes and a celebration of all things 70s.

What is the Saturday Night Fever dance called?

The Brooklyn Shuffle
Night Fever, also known as The Brooklyn Shuffle was one of three line dances that was showcased in the blockbuster film Saturday Night Fever which premiered in 1977.

What kind of suit did John Travolta wear in Saturday Night Fever?

The suit is made of polyester and was bought off the peg in a cheap men’s clothes store in Brooklyn. Director John Badham originally thought the suit in the final dance scene would be black, but was convinced by the designer Patrizia Von Brandenstein to use white.

What song does John Travolta dance to in the white suit?

Stayin’ Alive
John Travolta is looking dapper on the dance floor. From its iconic opening sequence featuring John Travolta strutting down a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, sidewalk to the tune of the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive,” to its unforgettable dance numbers set .

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