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Who played the role of Takshak Nag in New Mahabharat?

Who played the role of Takshak Nag in New Mahabharat?

Ali was also part of the 2013’s mythological drama serial, Mahabharat on STAR Plus. He played a dual role of Takshak, the king of the serpents and Jayadratha, the one who will capture Draupadi. He was also bagged in the story that is based on Mahabharata written by Raakesh Paswan.

Who is the Jayadrath of Mahabharat Star Plus?

In the Great History of Mahābhārata, Jayadratha (Sanskrit: जयद्रथ) was the king of Sindhu Kingdom. He was married to Dushala, the only sister of the 100 Kaurava brothers. He was the son of the king Vridhakshatra. He was killed by Arjuna.

Who played Balram in Mahabharat?

Interestingly, not many people know that TV actor Chetan Hansraj, known for playing the villain in many shows, has played the role of little Balram in Mahabharat.

Who played Uttara in Mahabharat 2013?

Varsha Usgaonkar
The role of Uttara in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat was played by Varsha Usgaonkar. Usgaonkar is the daughter of Goa’s former Deputy Speaker AKS Usgaonkar. She married Ajay Sharma, son of Indian film music director Ravishankar Sharma in 2000.

Is Takshak snake real?

The ancient Takka Nag or Takshak is also called Chrysopelia Arneta or Gliding Snake. The forest of the mountains of Bailadila in Bastar, Chattisgrah is very suitable for the snake’s habitat.

How was Arjun saved from Takshak?

The duel between Arjun and his arch rival Karna took an interesting turn recently as the latter invoked Serpent King Takshak to sit on his arrow and finish off his enemy.As per Krishna’s advice, Arjun created a protective shield to save himself from the poisonous arrow but the idea did not work.

Did Arjuna used Pashupatastra on Jayadratha?

Arjun used pashupatastra against jayadratha like karn used Shakti astra against Ghatochak.

Did Arjuna used Pashupatastra in Mahabharata?

Pashupatastra is the most destructive, powerful, irresistible weapon mentioned in the Hindu mythology. In Mahabharata, only Arjuna; and in Ramayana, sage Vishvamitra and Rama possessed Pashupatastra. It is one of the six Mantramukta weapons that cannot be resisted.

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