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Who will play William Ransom in Outlander season 6?

Who will play William Ransom in Outlander season 6?

Actor Charles Vandervaart
Per TVLine, the pivotal role of Jamie’s adult son has now been cast. Actor Charles Vandervaart will play the adult version of William Ransom, the child that Jamie fathered during season 3.

Does William know Jamie is his father?

William meets Jane Pocock in a brothel in Philadelphia in June 1778, shortly after he learns—to his horror—that Jamie Fraser is his father.

Who was the guy whistling at the end of Outlander?

The whistling prisoner appears to be Wendigo Donner, made unmistakable thanks to his long and curly black hair. Outlander fans first encountered Wendigo Donner (played by Brennan Martin) in the season 5 finale back in 2020 as he served as one of Lionel Brown’s gang that captured Claire.

Who was that whistling at the end of Outlander?

Wendigo Donner (played by Brennan Martin) is a time traveller and Native American activist in the series. In 1968 he, as part of the Montauk Five, attempted to prevent the genocide of the Native Americans.

Does Claire get pregnant twice?

Yes, she did, so it looks like Claire and Jamie will get pregnant for round 2 sometime later this season. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we flash back to the loss of Claire’s first pregnancy, and it’s superdistressing.

What happened in’Outlander’season 6 Episode 5?

We’re stepping into the good stuff with Outlander Season 6 Episode 5 as the colonies get restless living under British rule. As the United States of America roils with tension, recalling why we are here, and the sacrifices made to bring it into existence through fictional characters we love is very timely.

What song does Claire hear the next day in Outlander?

The next day, Claire is eager to leave Wilmington. As Jamie steps into the wagon, she hears a familiar tune known as the “Colonel Bogey March,” written in 1914. We later see a man in prison who holds an emerald gem in the palm of his hand.

Does Brianna share a secret with Roger on Outlander?

And Brianna shares a secret with Roger. Thank you, Outlander showrunners, for recreating the infamous moment when Bonnie Prince Charlie disguises himself as a maid, hops on a ship, and escapes Scotland after the uprising.

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