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Whose signature on 2 rupee note?

Whose signature on 2 rupee note?

O the obverse ‘Two/2/Rupees’ is seen in central denomination panel with the portrait of King George VI on the right. With the serial number below these notes are signed by the GOVERNER FOR THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA.

What is the value of 2 rupees note?

2 Rupees Tiger Note Value | Sell 2 rs note price 3 lakh – Indian Coin Mill.

Can you sell old 2 rupee notes?

Old coins and notes are now sold/auctioned on multiple online platforms like OLX, Quikr, eBay, IndiaMart, If you have a hobby of collecting old coins and notes then you have a good chance to earn lakhs of rupees by sitting at home.

Which is the rarest note in India?

The note has rarest signature of S. Bhoothalingam which was issued in 1964….Write a Review for Rarest 1 Rupee Note of India.

Country Denomination
Laos 500 Kip

Who signed in 1 Rs note?

Finance Secretary
The one rupee note and coins are issued by ministry of finance and it bears the signature of Finance Secretary.

Who signed in Indian currency?

Finance Secretary Under Section 22 of the Reserve Bank of India Act, RBI has sole right to issue currency notes of various denominations except one rupee notes. The One Rupee note is issued by Ministry of Finance and it bears the signatures of Finance Secretary, while other notes bear the signature of Governor RBI.

What is the price of old 2 rupees?

The Rs 2 coin was created in 1994 and it has Indian flag on it. The price of this rare Rs 2 coin is set at Rs 5 lakh on Quikr website. A rare Re 1 coin of Queen Victoria era is worth Rs 2 lakh online. The Re 1 coin British currency of George V King Emperor 1918 has also been valued at Rs 9 lakh.

Is 2 rupee note a legal tender?

Coin of any denomination not lower than one rupee shall be legal tender for any sum not exceeding one thousand rupees.

How can I sell my 786 number note?

If you have a note with the number 786, you can sell it on Ebay (Ebay, Website). This website is for the purpose of selling ancient banknotes and coins.

What is the price of 100 year old coin?

100 year-old coin costs Rs. 25 lakh. It is a silver coin and has been included in the Victorian category.

Which Indian old currency has highest value?

The value of five rupees and 10 rupees coins of Mata Vaishno Devi is one of the highest among other coins. People who have possession of such rare coins can rake up lakhs of rupees by putting them for sale.

Who signed on 10 Rs note?

Design. The ₹10 banknote of the Mahatma Gandhi Series is 137 × 63 mm Orange-violet coloured, with the obverse side featuring a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi with a signature of the governor of Reserve Bank of India.

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