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Why are langur monkeys endangered?

Why are langur monkeys endangered?

Through efforts by local communities along with German primatologist Tilo Nadler, the population has quadrupled since 2000. Now, Nadler is trying to establish more reserves to protect langurs living outside of it that are threatened by deforestation and poaching.

How many langurs are left in the world?

Status and conservation Both the black-footed gray langur and Kashmir gray langur are considered threatened. The latter is the rarest species of gray langur, with less than 250 mature individuals remaining. In India, gray langurs number at around 300,000.

How do langur protect themselves?

They live in groups, led by a female It usually lives in groups of about 12 in the karst hills of this region of Asia. The females lead the group and raise their young together. In order to protect themselves from predators, these monkeys sleep in the numerous caves carved out by the rains in the limestone cliffs.

Why are Delacour’s langur endangered?

Classified as critically endangered by the IUCN, the primary threat to the species is hunting for traditional medicine, with loss of forest habitat and the local development of tourism also being a potential risk. As of 2010, less than 250 animals were believed to remain in the wild, with nineteen in captivity.

What is meant by Langoor?

Definition of langur : any of several slender long-tailed Asian monkeys (subfamily Colobinae)

What did the langurs do to save their lives?

Answer. Explanation: The baby langur revived after he was provided first aid to clean his wounds and stop the bleeding. Splashes of cold water made the baby stir and sit up.

Why is primate conservation important?

Primate conservation is therefore crucially important to maintain intact ecosystems and the many services these ecosystems provide to people, including clean and stable water sup- plies, prevention from floods and landslide, pollin- ation, stable micro-climates, and buffering of global warming (Wich et al. 2011).

How can we protect primates?

Support Initiatives That Protect Primates You can donate your money and time to support anti-logging initiatives in countries where deforestation is threatening primate habitats — and be aware that it is the international demand for various wood and paper products that is fueling this destruction.

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