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Why are the Jordan 11s so popular?

Why are the Jordan 11s so popular?

MJ wore the Air Jordan 11, specifically in the Concord colorway, throughout his 1995-1996 season – evidence of his love for the sneaker and the colorway. This made the sneaker a symbol of MJ’s return to NBA stardom and immortalized a golden period in the sport’s history.

What are Concord Jordans?

$220. In 1995, Michael Jordan stepped onto the hardwood for playoff competition in the now iconic Air Jordan XI. The never-before-seen silhouette shined bright with patent leather atop a translucent sole, and featured MJ’s number 45 at the heel.

When did Jordan wear the Concords?

Michael Jordan was fined US$5,000 for violating the NBA’s dress code policy when he wore the Air Jordan 11 Concord in 1995.

Why are Jordan 11 called Concords?

The famed ’95-’96 season will go down in history for a number of reasons. One such factor is the Air Jordan 11, which Jordan wore throughout most of the season and throughout the Playoffs. Dubbed the “Concord” for its subtle purple accents on the sole, this shoe finally hit retail in November of 1995 for $125.

Are Concords OG?

The Air Jordan 11 (XI) Original (OG) – Concords (White / Black – Dark Concord) were released in November, 1995, and retailed for $125. They are dubbed the Concords, after the official colorway.

Why do the Concords have 45 on them?

Now, new images have surfaced with a “45” on the heel instead of the traditional “23.” Originally released back in 1995, the XI’s history will forever be tied in with Michael Jordan coming out of retirement and wearing the number “45,” a ban for not matching the NBA’s dress code, a 72-10 season for the Chicago Bulls …

When did Concord 11s come out?

The first colorway, the “Concord,” was in Jordan’s regular rotation during the 95-96 season. From then on to today, fans have considered the “Concord” and “Playoff/Bred,” as well as the general Air Jordan 11 silhouette, as a must-have for any basketball and sneaker enthusiast.

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