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Why are the terracotta warriors important to China?

Why are the terracotta warriors important to China?

The discovery of the Terracotta Army is important because of the information it gives historians about daily life in the Chinese Qin dynasty. The figures show armour and weapons, and the tomb contains many real artefacts such as chariots, weapons, pottery, and the human remains of workers who built it.

What do the terracotta warriors reveal about ancient China?

The relics around Qin Shi Huangdi’s tomb suggest that the ancient Chinese believed in an afterlife with many of the same trappings as their lived experience: The emperor would still need extensive military protection, along with animals and entertainers (clay musicians and acrobats were also discovered) after he died.

What was the purpose of the terracotta warriors?

The army of life-size terra cotta soldiers, archers, horses and chariots was stationed in military formation near Emperor Qin’s tomb in order to protect the emperor in the afterlife.

Why are they called Terracotta Warriors?

Why Are They Called “Terracotta Warriors”? Because they are warrior-like statues made of terracotta (a kind of clay). The figures were placed in precise military formation according to rank and duty.

What happened to the farmers who discovered the terracotta warriors?

Three of the original group of seven farmers died in terrible circumstances. One hanged himself in 1997, and two others died in their early 50s, penniless and unable to pay for medical care, according to the South China Morning Post.

Are Terracotta Warriors mummies?

Terracotta Warriors (The Mummy)

Why were the Chinese Terracotta Warriors made?

According to Records of the Grand Historian, Qin Shi Huang ordered construction of his mausoleum to begin when he took the throne of the Qin State in 246 BC. The role of the Terracotta Army was to “guard” the entire mausoleum and Qin Shi Huang believed that the army could protect him in the afterlife.

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