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Why do Storm bowling balls smell?

Why do Storm bowling balls smell?

The scent doesn’t change the construction of the ball. Storm uses a standard resin formulation for each ball, and the scents are added to that mixture. So, it’s not like you’re adding shims or using a different coverstock to affect performance – simply changing the scent isn’t going to do anything significant.

What do Storm balls smell?

The Shift emits a conspicuous orange-ginger fragrance, like that of a fancy soap. The odor conveys sophistication, according to Steve Kloempken, Storm’s director of marketing, who added that previous Storm balls had featured more prosaic scents, including peppermint, chocolate and black cherry.

Do all Storm bowling balls smell?

Storm Products’ first scented balls — green apple and citrus — came out in the spring of 2000. Since then, the company has produced about 40 scents. The current scents are black cherry, chocolate, lemonade, plum, blueberry, grape, banana, cinnamon, orange, amaretto and cherry.

What storm ball smells like cinnamon?

Tropical Surge Storm Carbon/Chrome Cinnamon Streusel Scented CLOSEOUT SALE.

Do Roto Grip balls smell?

so i know that roto is produced by storm but they have never had any smells. but now they will, the RS-X smells like chocolate. i think they should just leave the whole scent game to storm balls only. “Strikes show them you know the game.

How long do Storm balls smell for?

One player on a Bowling Boards forum reported that his scented ball did not last long. The player also wrote that he used Reacta Clean to clean his ball, and that might have something to do with it. The majority of players report that their Storm balls stay scented for the lifetime of a ball.

Where is Storm Bowling located?

Brigham City, Utah
Headquartered in Brigham City, Utah, Storm Bowling knows a few things about staying in its lane while leading the bowling industry through its innovative, high-performance equipment.

Why is Storm Spectre banned?

The revocation comes after USBC determined through its spot-checking procedures that a significant percentage of the balls produced do not comply with specifications and requirements outlined in the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications Manual.

Is the storm Spectre illegal?

The Storm Spectre bowling ball, which the USBC banned from all USBC certified competition, is not allowed in any level of PBA competition. Purple Hammer bowling balls manufactured in 2016 and 2017 were banned from USBC certified competition, and are not allowed in any level of PBA competition.

What is the rarest bowling ball?

Top 10 Most Expensive Bowling Balls

  • Hammer Gauntlet Fury Purple/Smoke/Orange, 15lbs.
  • Sale.
  • Brunswick KingPin Bowling Ball (15lbs)
  • Brunswick Magnitude 055 Black/Orange/Red Solid, 15lbs.
  • Ebonite Verdict Bowling Ball, Dark Blue/Blue/Green, 15lb.
  • Motiv Trident Quest Bowling Ball, Dark Purple/Blue Pearl, 14 lb.

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