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Why does it say this Apple ID Cannot be used to unlock this phone?

Why does it say this Apple ID Cannot be used to unlock this phone?

Many users, who purchased old iPhones, had to face the “The Apple ID Cannot Be Used to Unlock This iPhone” error. This issue generally occurs when the previous owner had forgotten to remove their iCloud account before resetting the device.

What to do if I get a message saying my Apple ID is being used?

Answer: A: You might want to consider changing your password and making sure it is a strong one. You can also add 2 Factor Authentication to your account for more security. If the attempts continue, you might want to consider a name change.

What does it mean when it says that this Apple ID has not been used in the iTunes store?

Check Your Internet Connection You can receive the “Apple ID has not been used in the iTunes Store” if there is a connection problem with the internet as well. A weak internet connection can be why your Apple ID cannot process downloads, Apple ID payments, and access Apple platforms.

Why can’t I use my Apple ID on my iPhone?

Make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or PC has a strong Internet connection and that you’ve turned on cellular data on your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data. If this setting is off, you might not be able to access your Apple ID and iCloud when not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How do I unlock my Apple activation lock?

How to remove Activation Lock

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. At the top, click All Devices.
  4. Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud.
  5. Click Remove from Account.

How do you fix your Apple ID Cannot be used to create accounts for other apps among us?

If you can’t use your Apple ID to create an account for a new app, make sure “Sign in with Apple” is supported. This feature is not available for children under 13. Log out of your Apple account on all your devices, restart them, and sign back in. If the issue persists, reset all your iOS settings.

What does this mean your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage on a new IPAD?

Your Apple ID can be set up to send and receive iMessage and FaceTime calls on multiple Appl devices. This includes iPhones, iPads, and various Macs that you’re signed into. The messages that you send and receive are synced across all your devices.

How do you fix this Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store loop?

  1. “This Apple ID Has Not Yet Been Used”
  2. Check Your Internet Connection.
  3. Manually Review Your Account Information.
  4. Use a Different Apple App or Device.
  5. Sign Out of Your Apple ID, Then Sign In Again.
  6. Contact Apple Support for More Help.
  7. Watch Out for Disabled Apple ID Accounts.

How do I activate my Apple ID in the App Store?

Fix 1. And you can do this with the help of iForgot. You can find it on your iPhone: Go to Settings > Your Name > iTunes Store and App Store > Tap your Apple ID > Tap iForgot. Then follow the instruction and unlock your Apple ID with your excising password or reset your password.

Why is my Apple ID verification failing?

Sometimes, an issue with your iPhone’s time and location settings can cause errors like the Apple ID Verification Failed ones. When your iPhone’s date, time, or location are different from the Apple server, this problem occurs. So, you should check to see that your device’s date and time are correctly set.

What do I do if my Apple ID won’t let me log in?

  1. Retry Your App Store, iTunes Store, or other Apple Services Login.
  2. iPadOS & iOS Update: Get the Latest Apple Software Update.
  3. Make Sure You’re Connected to the Internet.
  4. Check the Apple System Status Page.
  5. Change Your Apple ID Password.
  6. Check Your Device’s Date & Time Settings.
  7. Do a Network Settings Reset.

How do you reset an iPhone without the Apple ID password?

How to Reset iPhone without Apple ID Password via iTunes

  1. Put your iPhone into Recovery Mode. Open iTunes or Finder on your Mac or Windows, and keep your iPhone connected to the computer, then:
  2. Restore your iPhone with iTunes.
  3. iTunes will start to restore your iPhone.

How do I empty the cache on my iPhone?

How to clear the cache, history, and cookies in Safari

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Safari.
  2. Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data. Tap “Clear History and Website Data” to clear your Safari cache, history, and cookies.
  3. Your device will ask if you really want to clear Safari’s data. Confirm your choice.

Why does my Apple ID not work for among us?

Answer: A: Create a new ID (if necessary) and sign into iCloud using the same Apple ID on another Apple device/computer. You should then be able to sign in. Apple ID – create a new.

What does this message mean your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage on a new iPhone?

This may mean that your Apple ID password is compromised. You can see where your Apple ID was used to sign in. You can see the list of devices and remove devices if you need to: On iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings > [your name], then scroll down.

What does it mean your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage on a new Apple Watch?

This is an authentic notification. It is informing the user that there has been another device set up using the same Apple ID. It sends an alert to all other devices, to approve your ID being used on the new device.

How do I activate my Apple ID for App Store?

Create an Apple ID using the App Store on your device

  1. Open the App Store and tap the sign-in button .
  2. Tap Create New Apple ID.
  3. Follow the onscreen steps.
  4. Enter your credit card and billing information, then tap Next.
  5. Confirm your phone number.

What does it mean when Apple ID is not active?

If your Apple ID is locked or disabled “If you or someone else enters your password, security questions, or other account information incorrectly too many times, your Apple ID automatically locks to protect your security and you can’t sign in to any Apple services.

Is Your Apple ID and phone number being used for iMessage?

Have you received an unexpected notification on your Apple device saying that your Apple ID and phone number are now being used for iMessage and FaceTime on a new Mac, iPhone or iPad? If the answer is yes, there’s no need to panic. The message doesn’t necessarily mean anything malicious has happened to your Apple account.

How to fix “the Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone”?

To do this, simply click on the “Unlock With Passcode” option and enter the passcode to remove the activation lock. The majority of people who buy a second-hand iPhone encounter the “the apple id cannot be used to unlock this iPhone” error.

Why doesn’t my ‌Apple ID recognize the device that signed into it?

However, if you’re suspicious because the name of the device that signed into your ‌Apple ID‌ is not a default name and you don’t recognize it, you can investigate the cause by checking your ‌Apple ID‌ device list with Apple. The following steps show you how. Tap your ‌Apple ID‌ banner at the top of the menu.

How to check if my iPhone has Apple ID?

How to Check Your Apple ID Device List 1 On your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌, open the Settings app. 2 Tap your ‌Apple ID‌ banner at the top of the menu. 3 Scroll down, then tap any device name to view that device’s information, such as the device model, serial number, OS version, and whether the device is trusted and can be

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