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Why is Mary called the Seat of Wisdom?

Why is Mary called the Seat of Wisdom?

From this follows that Wisdom is the second Person of the Trinity. Mary is the person who through her most intimate relationship is totally receptive to the Wisdom of God so that the Litany of Loreto can call her rightfully Seat of Wisdom.

What is the Virgin Mary a symbol of?

A strong minded leader Yet in the Gospels, Mary is a vibrant figure: strong-minded and courageous, a leader in the community of faith. As the first Christian, Mary proclaims a radical message of social justice, where the poor are exalted and the powerful overthrown.

What is the subject of a throne of wisdom statue?

Background: The sedes sapientiae, or Throne of Wisdom, is a common theme in Romanesque sculpture. Like the Byzantine Theotokos, the Throne of Wisdom presents Mary as the bearer of God via her role as the mother of Christ, transforming Mary into an actual throne for Christ.

Who is the artist of Mary as the throne of wisdom?

Catherine Combier-Donovan
Mary, Throne of Wisdom: Twelfth Century Statue, Twenty-First Century Icon by Catherine Combier-Donovan Introduction The wood “Throne of Wisdom” sculptures of twelfth century France played a vital role in the religious experience of the Romanesque period of the Middle Ages and are for us powerful examples of the …

Why is Mary called House of Gold?

Mary is the “House of Gold” harboring Jesus Christ; she is his “resting place.” Thus, she is filled with God’s glory. The designation “House of Gold” goes back to the “Inner Sanctum” of the Tent of the Covenant and to Solomon’s Temple (1 Kings 6:20-22).

What wisdom means Bible?

The Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines wisdom as “knowledge, and the capacity to make due use of it.” The fact that Solomon asked for (not just knowledge) but insight on how to apply the knowledge effectively, he was granted things like riches, wealth and honor.

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