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Why is Vandana Shiva against GMO?

Why is Vandana Shiva against GMO?

She sets the whole picture — the potential loss of seed diversity, the poisoning of our water supplies by agricultural run off, the loss of soil and viable crop land, the potential dangers that GMO crops can mean to human health — and this makes her very hard to argue with.

Who started Navdanya movement?

environmentalist Vandana Shiva
Navdanya began in 1984 as a program of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE), a participatory research initiative founded by the environmentalist Vandana Shiva, to provide direction and support to environmental activism.

Where was Navdanya farm started by Vandana Shiva?

Later, when she realized that they needed a farm for demonstration and training, she set up the Navdanya Farm in 1994 in the Doon Valley in the lower elevation Himalayan region of Uttarakhand province.

How did Navdanya serve Shiva’s purpose?

Explanation: Navdanya has helped set up 54 community seed banks across the country, trained over 500,000 farmers in “food sovereignty” and sustainable agriculture over the past two decades, and helped set up the largest direct marketing, fair trade organic network in the country.

What has Vandana Shiva done for the environment?

She founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, and Navdanya, an organisation which promotes biodiversity conservation, organic farming, and the rights of farmers. She has authored more than 20 books, on topics ranging from the ill-effects of the Green Revolution, to the idea of Ecofeminism.

When and where was Navdanya farm started?

Where does Vandana Shiva work?

After completing her degrees, Shiva returned to India, where she worked for the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management. In 1982 she founded RFSTN, later renamed the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology (RFSTE), in her mother’s cowshed in Dehra Dun.

Who is known as mother of Indian environmental Science?

Sunita Narain is an Indian environmentalist and political activist as well as a major proponent of the Green concept of sustainable development.

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