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Why is Zendium toothpaste good?

Why is Zendium toothpaste good?

Zendium contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins to boost the mouth’s natural defences by increasing levels of good bacteria in the mouth and reducing bad bacteria. And we respect the soft parts of your mouth with our mild alternative to SLS, a foaming agent that can irritate gums and inner cheeks.

What is Zendium used for?

strengthening your mouth’s natural defences Zendium uses natural enzymes and proteins to boost the good bacteria in the mouth*, working like a prebiotic. With gentle ingredients Zendium also protects the delicate tissues of the mouth.

Where is Zendium toothpaste from?

Zendium was introduced in the Netherlands in 1976, its formula being based on the enzyme research of Henk Hoogendoorn. As of 2007, zendium’s market share in Denmark was about 37%.

Is Zendium a toothpaste?

Zendium is a toothpaste that works differently. In addition to fluoride, its unique SLS-free formulation contains natural enzymes and proteins which boost the natural salivary defences2 and balance the oral microbiome.

Is Zendium toothpaste safe?

See your dentist. Use a mild toothpaste like Zendium as part of your daily routine. Zendium is ideal for pregnant women. Not only does it have a mild and pleasant taste, making it suitable even for those with morning sickness, but it is also clinically proven to improve gum health*.

Who makes Zendium toothpaste?

Unilever’s premium daily toothpaste, Zendium, is now available in the UK via Amazon. Originally developed over 40 years ago and now available across 18 European countries, Zendium is Scandinavian dentists’ most trusted toothpaste brand [1].

Does Zendium toothpaste contain SLS?

Zendium’s ingredients are gentle on the mouth Zendium is an SLS-free toothpaste. Instead of SLS the foaming agent in Zendium is stereath-30. This means that Zendium foams less than a regular toothpaste.

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