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Are there two versions of The Shining?

Are there two versions of The Shining?

But something many viewers might not know is that there are two different cuts of The Shining, and one works better than the other simply because it got rid of some footage (almost a half-hour’s worth) that, upon watching the shorter version, turned out to be unnecessary and messed with the vibe of the film.

Who owns the copyright to The Shining?

The Shining (franchise)

The Shining
Created by Stephen King
Original work The Shining
Owner Warner Bros.
Films and television

How many F words are in The Shining?

Profanity: There are approximately 30 uses of profanity or coarse language, including ten uses of the sexual expletive, three uses of a racial slur, and a dozen other uses of mild profanity.

What does the number 42 mean in The Shining?

The number 42 also appears in various guises. The movie playing on the television is Summer of ’42. If you multiply 2 by 3 by 7 (as in room 237) the number is 42. The Germans decided on the “final solution” to European Jewry in 1942. Therefore The Shining is about the Holocaust.

What version of The Shining is better?

The Shining 1997… This smackdown is meant to determine which flick is the better horror movie. That prize, unequivocally, goes to the 1980 version. The 1997 version functions more effectively as a solid Lifetime drama about a recovering alcoholic and how it impacts his family during one long, terrible winter.

Is there a censored version of The Shining?

The 144 minute ‘US version’ is often erroneously called the director’s cut when in fact director Kubrick regards both the 119 minute version and the 144 minute version as director’s cuts. Nevertheless, the longer version is the version now most commonly available.

Can a 12 year old read The Shining?

Matt Reardon I’d say no unless the 12 year old is very mature and does not experience nightmares or has a high tolerance for horror. I’d recommend waiting until high school at the earliest as this book has a lot of brilliantly written psychology to it in addition to the normal big bad guys, violence, etc.

Can my 12 year old watch The Shining?

Great for most 12 year old for sure! this movie was what i thought a perfect balance of not too much violence but some, not and overriding amount of suspense but keeping you on your toes, and not a lot of gore, but just enough to call it a thriller.

Why is the European shining shorter?

The European release of The Shining a few months later was 25 minutes shorter due to Kubrick’s removal of most of the scenes taking place outside the environs of the hotel.

Is The Shining too scary?

The Shining is not a horror movie that rests on the usual scares: giant monsters, jump scares, piles of corpses. There are a few of those things, but the most terrifying moments of The Shining are when almost nothing happens.

Is The Shining scarier than it?

For me, the 1980 movie version of The Shining was much scarier than the novel that spawned it. Jack Nicholson’s performance had a lot to do with that. But the book is more entertaining overall, as books often are. The novel tells a deeper story with more character development and a more gradual “decline.”

Why is Danny called Tony?

Tony (his name taken from Danny’s middle name, Anthony), is at first to Danny an imaginary playmate, then a source of fear, and finally a source of strength.

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