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What was Block 4 in Auschwitz?

What was Block 4 in Auschwitz?

The Register of Block 4 was kept from January 20, 1942 to August 22, 1942. It contains 2100 entries referring to 2047 male prisoners of various nationalities brought to KL Auschwitz between May 1940 and August 1942.

What camp was found in Band of Brothers?

The concentration camp liberated by Easy Company was actually a subcamp called Kaufering. It was actually discovered and liberated on April 27th, 1945 by the 134th Ordnance Maintenance Battalion of the 12th Armored Division. For dramatic purposes, the scene is written to depict Easy finding it.

What is in the basement of Block 11?

In the basement of the block (the so-called bunker) were held prisoners sentenced to death or given particularly painful punishments.

What was the standing cell in Auschwitz?

A standing cell is a special cell constructed so as to prevent the prisoner from doing anything but stand. The Stehbunker was used in Nazi concentration camps during the Third Reich as a punishment. Standing cells were also used during Joseph Stalin’s purges in the Soviet Union.

What camp did 101st Airborne liberate?

Kaufering IV
The “Screaming Eagles” of the 101st Airborne Division Liberate Kaufering IV. In April 1945, during the 101st Airborne Division’s drive south into Germany’s Rhineland, the “Screaming Eagles,” as the unit was known, uncovered Kaufering IV, one of 11 concentration camps in the Kaufering complex in the Landsberg region.

Did Easy Company really find a concentration camp?

The bunkers were intended for the production of Messerschmitt Me 262 aircraft, but none were produced at the camps before the United States Army captured the area….Kaufering concentration camp complex.

Kaufering I–XI
Companies involved Messerschmitt AG
Operational 18 June 1944–27 April 1945
Inmates Mostly Jews
Number of inmates 30,000

What was Block 25 in Auschwitz?

Block 25. The wall separating the yard of Block 25 (called “the Block of Death”) from the rest of the camp. In Block 25 female prisoners selected to death awaited transportation to the gas chambers.

Why did people pack suitcases in Auschwitz?

The train journeys they boarded were disguised as “labour deployment” or “resettlement in the east”. The provision of luggage let these people hold onto a sense that they were still connected to their old world, and that there was a promise of life at their destination.

What is the Boger swing?

On the witness stand, Wilhelm Boger, the man in charge of interrogations at Auschwitz, was confronted with his invention: the “Boger swing.” Prisoners would be brought in for questioning, stripped naked and hung over an iron bar with their hands manacled to their ankles.

What concentration camp did Edith Frank go to?

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration
After time in the Amsterdam prison, Edith was sent on to the Westerbork transit camp. At the beginning of September, the Nazis deported Edith and her family to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp.

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