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Can felony charges be expunged in Illinois?

Can felony charges be expunged in Illinois?

Illinois felony expungement law allows certain felonies to be expunged. If your case does not qualify for expungement, you may be able to seal it. Most felony cases are eligible to be sealed in Illinois. There are specific waiting periods before you can file for felony record expungement.

How do I expunge my criminal record in Illinois for free?

If you cannot afford the Circuit Clerk Filing Fee or the Illinois State Police Processing Fee, you can ask the court to waive them. You can find a fee waiver form, which can be used to waive fees in expungement and sealing cases, at:

What is the penalty for a Class 3 felony in Illinois?

Under Illinois sentencing law, Class 3 felonies carry sentences of between 2 and 5 years in prison. In addition, a Class 3 felony with an extended term sentence will result in 5 to 10 years in prison.

How can I get my record expunged for free in Illinois?

How do you get a felony expunged in Illinois?

For misdemeanor or felony convictions that do not qualify for sealing, the only way to clear your record is to receive a pardon from the governor. The pardon must specifically authorize the expungement of your record. You can learn more about pardons by visiting the State of Illinois Prisoner Review Board website.

How do you get a felony pardon in Illinois?

The process is started by submitting a Petition for Clemency with the Illinois Prisoner Review Board. This petition must include all of the information about your case and provide the reasons why you should be granted a pardon by the Governor.

How much does expungement cost in Illinois?

How much does it cost? Getting your record expunged or sealed will cost you a filing fee at the courthouse plus $60 for the Illinois State Police. Some local law enforcement agencies may also charge a processing fee. Filing fees vary from county to county and may be obtained from the appropriate Circuit Clerk.

What is a Class 3 felony in the state of Illinois?

Class 3 Felony in Illinois, First Offense: Will You Go to Jail?

Aggravated battery Forgery
Perjury Aggravated stalking
Theft under $500 Growing more than 20 but fewer than 50 cannabis plants
Unlawful use or possession of weapons by a felon Criminal damage to government supported property between $500 and $10,000

Can a felony be expunged in Illinois?

Felony Expungement in Illinois The state of Illinois will expunge some criminal records under some conditions. If your record is expunged, the public won’t be able to see it – it’s like it never happened. However, if you’ve been convicted of a crime, the court won’t expunge it from your record.

When to call a Chicago expungement lawyer for a felony?

You received a sentence for supervision and the waiting period has passed There are some other exceptions, too, so even if you’ve been convicted of a felony, it may be worthwhile to call a Chicago expungement lawyer to learn about your options.

Do I qualify for felony expungement?

Even if you don’t qualify for felony expungement, you could qualify for criminal record sealing. The law allows sealing for many felony convictions (and misdemeanors, too).

How long does it take to get a criminal record expunged in Illinois?

It may take a few months to find out if your record will be expunged or sealed because: The State’s Attorney, the Illinois State Police, and Arresting Agencies get 60 days from the day they receive your Request to object to it; Courts are busy and it may take a while for a judge to review your Request; AND

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