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Can homeopathy cure thalassemia?

Can homeopathy cure thalassemia?

In the present investigation, out of a total of 38 patients, 6 belonging to thalassemia major type (β-thalassemia) and 32 to HbE/β type, the greater majority showed positive response to combined homeopathic therapy. There was a significant increase in induction of HbF in them, which is very encouraging.

Is beta thalassemia minor a disability?

With regard to medical eligibility, the SSA considers beta thalassemia an inherently disabling disease.

Does thalassemia affect mental health?

However, the increasing longevity of children with thalassemia has brought psychological problems to the fore. Various authors have reported that up to 80% of children with thalassemia are likely to have psychological problems e.g. oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety disorders and depression (15-17).

Can homeopathy cure hemoglobin?

Ferrum Phos is the most frequently used natural Homeopathic medicine to increase the haemoglobin level. It can be safely used among people of all age groups. Even during Anaemia in pregnancy, Ferrum Phos is a safe Homeopathic remedy though the dosage is to be properly handled by the physician during pregnancy.

How do you treat thalassemia minor naturally?

You can help manage your thalassemia by following your treatment plan and adopting healthy-living habits.

  1. Avoid excess iron. Unless your doctor recommends it, don’t take vitamins or other supplements that contain iron.
  2. Eat a healthy diet. Healthy eating can help you feel better and boost your energy.
  3. Avoid infections.

Can Ayurveda cure thalassemia?

Ayurvedic Management for Thalassemia Just like diabetes, Thalassemia cannot be cured completely but can be managed and controlled effectively.

What foods are not good for thalassemia minor?

Fruits/Vegetables that should be avoided or eliminated from the diet:

  • prune juice.
  • prunes.
  • watermelon.
  • spinach.
  • leafy green vegetables.
  • dates.
  • raisins.
  • broccoli.

Can beta thalassemia minor donate blood?

You must not donate blood if you have had babesiosis. You will be permanently deferred. If you have G6PD (Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency) or Thalassemia (minor), you can donate blood if you meet the haemoglobin requirement. Inform our medical staff if you have G6PD or Thalassemia.

Does thalassemia cause mood swings?

[7] study conducted with adults in Italy, which suggested that most of the patients diagnosed with thalassemia had severe psychosocial problems, including depression and anxiety.

How do you treat beta thalassemia minor?

Treatment for beta thalassemia may include:

  1. Regular blood transfusions.
  2. Medications (to decrease amount of iron in the body, called chelation therapy)
  3. Surgical removal of the spleen (if necessary)
  4. Daily doses of folic acid.
  5. Possible surgical removal of the gallbladder.
  6. No iron supplements.
  7. Bone marrow transplantation.

What is Ferrum Metallicum used for?

SBL Ferrum Metallicum Dilutionis the homoeopathic medicine which is helpful in the treatment of headaches, oversensitiveness, blood circulation ailments, and palpitation. This medicine is made from powdered iron and a rich source of dietary iron. It is a good medication against excess sweating, anaemia and weak pulse.

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