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Can you use a chest as a coffee table?

Can you use a chest as a coffee table?

Using a chest or trunk as a coffee table is a simple and creative way to add flavor and interesting texture to your living room ensemble, all while maximizing the piece’s utility and conserving precious space.

Can you use a trunk for a coffee table?

Trunks used as coffee tables are kind of a big trend, and for good reason! Not only do they add a bit of vintage style to the room, but they’re also roomy enough to store stuff like extra blankets, books, magazines, electronics, DVDs, or anything else you don’t want to keep out in the open for everyone to see.

What can I put instead of coffee table?

No Coffee Table, No Problem – 7 Things You Can Use Instead

  • A Plush Ottoman. Ottomans are an awesome coffee table alternative because they can act as a table but are kid-proof.
  • A Pair of Poufs.
  • A Bench.
  • A Cluster of Side Tables.
  • Side Tables With Varying Heights.
  • A Storage Ottoman.
  • A C-Side Table.
  • A Single Stool.

Can you use a cedar chest as a coffee table?

Coffee table. Coffee tables provide the perfect spot to rest your cup of Joe while relaxing after a long day. Cedar chests provide an attractive and classic look as a centerpiece to your living room.

Do I really need a coffee table in my living room?

A coffee table is necessary as it can be an essential item that completes the overall look of a room since it draws all the items together and is a great way to fill up empty space. It can also be practical in terms of using it to rest your feet, eat dinner, or for guests to place their cups.

How do you reuse old trunks?

If you find a beautiful vintage trunk you can even use it a purely decorative piece. It doesn’t have to be repurposed as a bedside table, coffee table, nightstand or anything else. Just use it as a place to display a few decorations and place on the hallway or somewhere where everyone can see it and admire it.

What is the point of a coffee table?

A coffee table is a low table designed to be placed in a sitting area for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books (especially large, illustrated coffee table books), decorative objects, and other small items.

What can I do with old wooden chests?

A vintage trunk can be also turned into a home bar, just renovate or decorate it as you need and then put on some legs of your choice, or put several trunks on each other. Voila! you can use the top or open the chest and place bottles and glasses inside.

How to make coffee table out of crates?

– Put the crate together in a rectangle with the opening of the crates facing out. – Attach the plywood to stabilize the crates, one on the top and one on the bottom. – Paint the entire piece. I wanted the pop of color so I chose turquoise! – Attach the wheels. – Add the wood plank top. – Stain the wood. – Apply polyurethane top coat. – ENJOY YOUR WORK!

How to assemble a coffee table?

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  • How to use a tool chest?

    – The grid-line design acts as additional support to your tools from sliding off – Easy to cut, just use a scissor or a knife – It’s moist, rust, and mold resistant – Guarantees a more enhanced safety – Tacky enough to hold tools in place

    Can you use a coffee table as a TV stand?

    You can place the TV on the coffee table by converting it into a TV stand. Add the shelf and drawers to the bottom line of the coffee table so that you can keep accessories in it. You can also keep flower vases and decoration pieces on the shelf of the TV stand.

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