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Do Ambilight TVs work with Hue?

Do Ambilight TVs work with Hue?

It’s possible to use Ambilight+Hue but also have Hue work independently. When you look in the Hue app, you’ll see that those bulbs are labelled as “sync” – so they’re being controlled by something else (in this case the TV), when the TV is on. But when the TV is off, those bulbs are released again to work as normal.

Is Ambilight useful?

Ambilight is the perfect accompaniment to games, too. When put into a game mode, the speed at which colours can change is ramped up to better imitate the action on screen. Whether you’re into first-person shooters or racing games, Ambilight is guaranteed to make you feel more involved in the action.

How do I change the Ambilight color on my Philips TV?

Press the [Home] button on the remote control to access [Setup] > [TV setting] > [Ambilight] > [Colour] and set to [Dynamic] After you have set the colour mode to [Dynamic], you will be able to adjust the speed of the Ambilight response in the Menu [Setup] > [TV setting] > [Ambilight] > [Dynamic].

Does Ambilight make a difference?

Ambilight is essentially the inclusion of an LED array around the side of a television, which projects color onto the wall behind a TV. Sound like a gimmick? It isn’t. While a light display isn’t crucial for your viewing experience, it has an incredibly striking effect you won’t see with any other manufacturer.

Does Ambilight need a white wall?

Very light or even white walls are great for Ambilight but you can also change the settings to suit any wall colour – even dark walls. Ambilight LEDs use a complete colour spectrum, so the system cleverly adjusts to any ambience.

What is the best color setting for a Philips TV?

Best results are obtained when the room has subdued lighting. Set the Contrast to a level of approximately 85, Brightness 45-50, Color to 50-55, sharpness 5-7.

How do I connect my hue sync to my TV?

To do this, simply plug the Sync Box into power, make sure that all the HDMI inputs that you’d like to use are plugged in, and ensure that the Sync Box is then plugged into your TV via HDMI. Once all that is done, tap “Yes.” If it’s set up correctly, your Hue Sync Box’s front LED should be blinking blue.

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