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Do dogs get heartworm in Colorado?

Do dogs get heartworm in Colorado?

Although heartworm disease is still considered relatively uncommon in Colorado, over 75 percent of veterinarians in the state have seen a case. The message here is simple: Have your dog tested every spring and give monthly preventatives for at least six months until November in Fort Collins.

Does my dog need heartworm prevention in Colorado?

Typically, our veterinarians recommend keeping your dog on heartworm prevention year-round. It protects your dog, particularly when mosquitoes hatch on those warm winter days above 60 degrees.

Do you really need to give your dog heartworm medicine?

If at the initial test, your dog is found to have heartworms, treatment will be needed before prevention can begin. However, if your dog is in the clear, he can be started on monthly medication to protect him from the disease.

Is heartworm a problem in Denver?

A Growing Epidemic. Denver’s growing pet population is one of the main reasons veterinarians have seen a sharp increase in the number of heartworm cases. As pets move into Colorado from warmer climates where heartworm disease is common, many arrive already infected.

How common are heartworms in Colorado?

The prevalence of heartworms in Colorado rose at greater than 3-fold the national average during the observation period, rising from 0.5% in 2013 to 0.84% in 2017, an increase of 67.5% in just four years During that same time period, the prevalence of heartworms in the USA has risen by 20.7%.

Do mosquitoes in Colorado carry heartworm?

Springtime is here, and with it, come the mosquitoes. This is the time of year that we start thinking about heartworm prevention again for your dogs. Heartworm disease is a parasite that is spread to our pets through the bite of a mosquito.

Is there a natural way to prevent heartworms in dogs?

Are There Natural Heartworm Prevention Options? While there are natural ways to slightly decrease the likelihood that your dog will develop heartworm disease, none are effective enough to make skipping prescription heartworm preventatives a wise or safe decision.

Where is heartworm in dogs most common?

In the United States, heartworm disease is most common along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts from the Gulf of Mexico to New Jersey and along the Mississippi River and its major tributaries, but it has been reported in dogs in all 50 states.

Should you give heartworm year round?

Use Heartworm Prevention Medication Year-Round Treatment can vary, as oral, injectable or topical, depending on the animal species, but they all target heartworm larvae, not adults. That’s one reason veterinarians often recommend that pets receive heartworm prevention medication all year long.

What happens if I miss a month of heartworm medicine for my dog?

A dog who has missed just two monthly doses of preventative or is late for a heartworm injection can become infected with heartworms.

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