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Does the 27 iMac have a CD drive?

Does the 27 iMac have a CD drive?

No, the new iMac’s do not have a CD/DVD slot.

How do I play a CD on a new iMac?

Play CDs in Music on Mac

  1. In the Music app on your Mac, insert an audio CD into your computer’s CD or DVD drive, or into an external drive that’s connected to your computer.
  2. If a dialog appears (depending on what you chose to happen when you insert a CD), click Cancel.
  3. Play a song from the CD by double-clicking it.

Why does my iMac not have a CD drive?

Apple removed the optical drive from inside of iMacs to make them thinner and lighter.

Why does my IMAC not have a CD drive?

Why doesn’t my Mac have a CD slot?

The CD/DVD SuperDrive is no longer built into the iMac. Basically it comes down to the fact that there is no optical drive thin enough to be installed into the ultra thin iMac enclosure. You need to either purchase Apple’s own external drive for $79 U.S.D or purchase a third party external CD/DVD optical drive.

How do I read a CD on my Mac?

Into the Mac with the media drive, insert a data CD or DVD. On your MacBook Air, within the Remote Disc window, double-click on the name of the Mac that has the media drive. You’ll see an icon for the disc. Double-click on that icon and you should be able to see the contents of the disc.

Do Apple computers have a DVD drive?

Apple has just one MacBook with a DVD drive. Most who still need a DVD drive opt for a model without DVD Drive and instead buy a Super Drive to compliment their new Mac. Apple still sells a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a DVD drive.

How do I transfer a CD to my Mac without a CD drive?

An external optical drive will allow you to access discs on your Mac. To do this, you’ll need to buy an external disc reader that plugs into your Mac via a USB cable. Such an external drive could read CDs and DVDs, play Blu-Rays, and even burn discs — if that’s what you want.

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