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Does Windows XP support RAID?

Does Windows XP support RAID?

Windows 2000 and Windows XP have the ability to create RAID volumes between multiple hard drives within software.

Does Windows support RAID 1?

Using Windows software RAID 1. Open the Start Menu, right-click on Computer and select Manage. 2. Scroll down the tree on the right to Disk Management (under Storage) and click on it.

What happens when RAID 1 fails?

With a RAID 1 disk volume, information is written to the first drive and then to a second (or “mirror”) drive at the same time. If one of the hard drives in the mirror volume fails, the remaining hard drive can be placed in service as a single drive with no loss of information.

How do I setup a RAID 1 hard drive?

Open the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software, and choose Create from the list of options at the top:

  1. Under Select Volume Type, choose RAID 1 and click Next:
  2. On the Configure Volume settings, input the name you wish to give the RAID volume.
  3. On the Confirm Volume Creation screen select Create Volume:

How do I fix a failed RAID 1 drive?

1 Answer

  1. Check whether your server supports hot plug – this is the easiest method: pull out the failed HDD, plug in the new one.
  2. You should replace the disk with a type that matches the remaining disk.
  3. You should only replace the disk once replacement has arrived.

How do you know if a RAID 1 drive fails?

A windows home computer BIOS should alert you when you reboot if one of the raid 1 drives has failed, failing that your motherboard manufacturer usually has additional software that can be installed to monitor the raid drives.

How many drives do you need for RAID 1?

two disks
A minimum of two disks is required for RAID 1 hardware implementations. With software RAID 1, instead of two physical disks, data can be mirrored between volumes on a single disk.

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