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Has Stratego been discontinued?

Has Stratego been discontinued?

It plays similar to the original Stratego game, and also somewhat similar to chess. The game was discontinued by Avalon Hill in 2004.

Where can I play Stratego?

You can play free Stratego online at You will have to endure a video ad first. You will need to have Adobe Flash installed or install it. You will be able to create a profile, challenge friends, and enjoy 3D battle effects.

How old is Stratego?

Classic Stratego The game was licensed by the Milton Bradley Company for American distribution, and introduced in the United States in 1961 (although it was trademarked in 1960). Starting in the late 1960s all versions switched to plastic pieces.

Did Stratego change?

The board is different — there are now craters that you need to move around. Some of the pieces are different as well. They aren’t a typical “army” anymore, but some sort of space agent army type thing. There is now a spotter and a scout, who can move more than one space at a time and have special attacks.

What is the only piece that can defeat the Marshall in Stratego?

The only pieces that can beat the marshal are the spy (and only if it attacks first), a bomb, or the other marshal.

Where is the best place to put your Flag in Stratego?

Most Stratego players hide their flag somewhere in the back row, whether in a corner or not. By putting your flag in the second or third row, you may be able to avoid the ill effects of a back-row sweep. In addition, not having a flag anywhere expected will allow you to set up decoy flagposts to lure in your opponent.

Is there a Stratego app?

About this game The classic board game of battlefield strategy, now available on Android! Do you have what it takes to achieve victory against players all over the world on the battlefield? Defeat your opponents in the official Stratego ® Multiplayer battles!

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