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How accurate is Airthings radon detector?

How accurate is Airthings radon detector?

According to Airthings, the Wave displays the local radon levels accurate to within 20 percent after a week, and accurate to within 10 percent after a month.

Where should radon detectors be placed in Airthings?

Place the unit at breathing height. Placement should avoid direct sunlight and high humidity, and should be at least 50 cm above the floor, 25 cm from the nearest wall, and 150 cm from any doors, windows, or ventilation. Some units require face up placement in a horizontal position in order to properly calibrate.

Are electronic radon testers accurate?

The monitors had a range of uncertainty from 2%–15% with a range of precision from 1%–24%. The monitors performed better at higher radon levels than at levels near the Canadian guideline level of 200 Bq m−3, and slightly better during ‘summer’ conditions than during ‘indoor winter’ conditions.

Is Airthings legit?

Airthings is a well-regarded, Norway-based manufacturer of air quality monitors, specializing in radon detection.

Is Airthings worth?

But if you plan to build a whole-home air monitoring system, Airthings is well worth considering as you can build a system up gradually, as funds allow, by adding up to 10 sensors to the Hub. Add in a few IFTTT applets attached to smart plugs, and you have yourself a nice bit of home automation.

What type of radon test is best?

The Best Radon Test Kits of 2022

  • Ecosense RadonEye Home Radon Detector.
  • Best Overall. Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector.
  • Best Value. First Alert Radon Gas Test Kit.
  • Upgrade Pick. Airthings Wave Plus Radon & Air Quality Monitor.
  • Best Short-Term. AccuStar Radon Gas Test Kit.
  • Best Long-Term.
  • Best Overall.
  • Best Value.

Can a radon test be wrong?

The short answer is yes, as errors can happen with any type of test, but the likelihood of a wrong radon level reading changes greatly based on a variety of factors.

How many Radon detectors are needed in a home?

Because areas under your home are normally the first place radon gas will accumulate, you should consider placing one radon detector for every 2000 uninterrupted sq ft, and in frequently occupied rooms.

Can radon tests be wrong?

Is Airthings mini accurate?

Our Verdict. The Airthings Wave Mini is a great entry level air quality monitor and a perfect compliment to the Radon-detecting Airthings Wave Plus.

Why choose the corentium home radon detector by airthings?

The Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings will provide you with detailed information about radon levels in your home. View daily, weekly and long term measurements on the LCD display.

How do I monitor radon levels in my home?

A smart detector that not only monitors radon levels but also checks for other key factors to help keep track of the air quality in your home. Smart detector that pairs with your smartphone to easily monitor the quality of indoor air.

Are radon detectors accurate?

This affordable radon detector is a good choice for keeping track of radon levels after an inspection to rule out a serious problem. Simple detector that is easy to use. Vivid screen registers short- and long-term radon averages for a clear understanding of indoor radon levels. Long battery life. Not always accurate.

What is the standard deviation from the exact radon level?

The standard deviation from the exact radon level is σ ~ 7% + 5 Bq/m 3 after 24 hours (US: σ ~ 7% + 0.12 pCi/L) and σ ~ 5% + 2 Bq/m 3 after 7 days (US: σ ~ 5% + 0.05 pCi/L) New Pro App! Generate a report from your smartphone on the spot, add notes and customization and send it as a PDF to multiple email addresses with Bluetooth smart connectivity.

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