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How can I organize my desk without storage?

How can I organize my desk without storage?

5 Ways to Organize a Desk Without Drawers

  1. Use a monitor stand.
  2. Take advantage of wall space.
  3. Add a side rail (or hang tension rods)
  4. Use trays and organizers.
  5. Install a keyboard tray.

What makes a good desk organizer?

A desk organizer should prioritize items that are in constant rotation, while less frequently used items can go in a drawer or cabinet, on a shelf, or in a storage closet.

How do receptionists stay organized?

Set up zones on your desk to organize materials, such as telephone and message pads, mail and files. Work desk organization ideas include setting up zones help you get to things quickly and facilitate multitasking by keeping tasks from overlapping.

How do I add storage space to my desk?

  1. Use a Paper Tray Organizer. One of the most popular desktop storage ideas for offices, paper tray organizers are a good way to manage your paper clutter.
  2. Traditional Filing Cabinet.
  3. Hanging Storage Containers.
  4. Cable Tray Organizers.
  5. Under desk headphone holder.
  6. Wall-mounted shelving.
  7. Desktop Bookcase (or Standard Bookshelf)

How do I maximize my desk space?

Ways to Maximize Your Minimal Desk Space

  1. Go completely digital. One of the large enhancements individuals have made to assist themselves with remaining useful with little work area space is moving from simple to advance.
  2. Make a permanent clean desk rule.
  3. Send stuff to storage.
  4. Use an ergonomic arrangement.
  5. Scrape it down.

What should a desk organizer hold?

Use the five upright compartments for file folders and notebooks and to organize mail, paper, and books. The middle open shelf can hold sticky notes, a stapler, or smart devices. Keep pens, highlighters, paper clips, and staples separate in the three-compartment drawer.

How should I organize my desk at work?

Organize Your Desk with These 13 Helpful Tips

  1. Keep your desktop computer in front of you.
  2. Put the things you use most near your dominant hand.
  3. Keep only what you need on your desk.
  4. Group similar items together.
  5. Ditch the sticky notes.
  6. Slow your roll on personal stuff.
  7. Control your notifications.
  8. Keep open desk space.

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