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How come Peter Weller didnt do Robocop 3?

How come Peter Weller didnt do Robocop 3?

Peter Weller was unable to reprise his Robocop role due to scheduling conflicts with Naked Lunch (1991). Many years after the release of the movie, director Fred Dekker voiced his opinion about the finished product.

How did Kirk survive into darkness?

Kirk died heroically saving his work-family from a falling spaceship. In the original Khan, of course, Spock died doing just about the same thing: Exposing himself to radiation in order to restore power to the warp drive.

Who is Peter Weller son?

He also played Christopher Henderson in the fifth season of 24, Stan Liddy in the fifth season of the Showtime original series Dexter, as well as Charles “Charlie” Barosky in 11 episodes in the sixth season of Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy….

Peter Weller
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Is Star Trek Into Darkness a sequel?

Star Trek BeyondStar Trek Into Darkness / Sequel

Will Peter Weller return as RoboCop?

Peter Weller Won’t Be Returning To Play RoboCop Those who hoped to see Peter Weller suit up as Alex Murphy/RoboCop in RoboCop Returns will hate to read this, but the actor has gone on the record saying that he has no desire to reprise the role in another movie.

Is there a RoboCop 4?

Robocop 4: Crash & Burn.

What was Captain Kirk last words?

His thoughts on that factored into Kirk’s final words, “Oh my.” Shatner recalled the night before filming Kirk’s death scene, explaining what he was thinking that led to those words. “I thought about dying, my death and this beloved character who’s going to be put to rest,” Shatner said.

Does Kirk ever meet Picard?

Kirk Meets Picard (‘Star Trek: Generations,’ 1994) Only the Nexus could allow these two greats to meet. The two Enterprise captains team up to save the day from Tolian Soran (Malcolm McDowell), with Kirk (William Shatner) ultimately dying in one of the most controversial and debated moments in Star Trek history.

Why did Peter Weller stop playing RoboCop?

Is RoboCop in Sons of Anarchy?

Get the hot new casting scoop from the FX show. Sons of Anarchy has cast RoboCop! Peter Weller, who starred as the famed cyborg crime fighter in 1987’s RoboCop and 1990’s RoboCop 2, will play a former cop turned port worker in the upcoming sixth season of the hit FX show, THR reports.

Is Khan evil in Star Trek?

Khan is also recognized as a great villain outside of the Star Trek series. The Associated Press called the character “one of sci-fi’s great villains”.

Is Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness the same as in Wrath of Khan?

While Star Trek: Into Darkness is a loose remake of Wrath of Khan, it was never supposed to capture the original’s essence; because it couldn’t. I was watching a video recently on the failings of Star Trek: Beyond and how that affected the Star Trek film franchise.

Why did Peter Weller quit RoboCop?

Will there be a RoboCop 2014 sequel?

In July 2018, it was announced the series would again be rebooted with a film directed by Neill Blomkamp, titled RoboCop Returns, which will serve as a direct sequel to Verhoeven’s original film and ignore the events of previous sequels and the 2014 reboot.

What was Captain Kirk’s famous line?

“Without freedom of choice there is no creativity. The body dies.” – Captain James T Kirk.

What was Spock’s famous line?

live long and prosper
As well as “live long and prosper”, below are some more of Spock’s best quotes. “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” “Without followers, evil cannot spread.” “Space: the final frontier.

Who took over the Enterprise after Kirk?

Kirk – Three years into their five-year mission, the Enterprise was destroyed by Krall (Idris Elba). After Kirk saved the Starbase U.S.S. Yorktown from Krall, he was given command of the newly-built Constitution-class U.S.S. Enterprise-A at the conclusion of Star Trek Beyond.

Did Picard and Spock meet?

Captain Picard and Spock once met in a momentous time for Romulus, and the two shared a bond that went far beyond the usual Starfleet trappings.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger ever play RoboCop?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was once in line to star in sci-fi classic RoboCop, but here’s the simple, hilarious reason he was rejected for the role. While Arnold Schwarzenegger was very interested in taking the titular role in RoboCop, there’s a hilariously simple reason he was rejected according to The Movies That Made Us.

Who is Peter Weller in Mortal Kombat?

Peter Frederick Weller (born June 24, 1947) is an American film and stage actor, television director, and art historian. He starred in the movies RoboCop and RoboCop 2 where he played the titular character. He reprised his role as RoboCop in Mortal Kombat 11 and serves as an announcer for the game’s Arcade as RoboCop.

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