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How did Ed change in I am the messenger?

How did Ed change in I am the messenger?

As Ed sends these messages, he becomes more and more confident in himself, increasing his self-worth and making his life more purposed, which is evident in the writing. The messages become much more personal in nature near the end, as Ed changes not only the lives of the strangers, but changes his life for the better.

Who is sending the cards in I am the messenger?

The man with the cards is the stranger who sends Ed a series of playing cards with names of those in need. His goal, the reader learns at the end of the novel, is to use Ed’s example to prove that anyone, no matter how ordinary, may reach their full potential in order to help others.

Which card does Ed get what names are on it?

While there, Ed gets the final ace—this time, it’s of hearts, and the names on it are his three closest friends: Ritchie, Marv, and Audrey.

What is EDS message in I Am the Messenger?

He realizes that he was not a messenger, delivering information and meaning to others. He is the message himself. Ed’s revelation that he is the message shows how when one chooses to help others, their life becomes an inspiration to others to act with kindness as well.

What is the message that Ed must find for himself in I am the messenger?

What matters isn’t so much what he’s been bringing to other people’s lives as what his ability to do so represents: Anyone can make a difference, if they just take the time and make the effort—so Ed, by doing just this, has become the message.

How old is Ed in the messenger?

I am the messenger is a beautiful book. It’s a lovely story about 19 year old Ed Kennedy and the messages that he has to deliver. Each message brings some change in other people’s lives. The stories are endearing and so are all the characters.

What does Ritchie mean when he tells Ed that driving a cab is an excuse?

Ed says being a cab driver is not a job but an excuse. Ed’s description of cab driving shows how simply having a job is not necessarily enough to give one a purpose in life. Instead, one must make an effort to find meaning in their life beyond just earning a paycheck.

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