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How did Kaitlyn Lassiter lose her legs?

How did Kaitlyn Lassiter lose her legs?

During the drop, the errant cables were pulled taut by the dizzying plunge of the ride and cut through Kaitlyn’s lower legs, severing both feet. When the ride stopped at the bottom, Kaitlyn checked that her friends were safe before asking about her own injuries.

Did people died at Six Flags?

In 2001, a 28-year-old woman passed away from a brain aneurysm while riding the Goliath roller coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. In 2004, a 21-year-old park employee died after being struck by the Scream roller coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Where is Kaitlyn Lassiter now?

Since that video was shot, Kaitlyn’s reattached right foot is no longer endangered and is functioning normally. She has gotten used to her left prosthesis and can now walk normally. Her family reached a settlement with Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom that will provide for Kaitlyn throughout her life.

How did the woman fall out of the Texas Giant?

Rosa Ayala-Goana fell 75 feet after being ejected from her seat while riding the Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on Friday.

Has anyone died Six Flags Arlington?

Probably the most well-known Six Flags Over Texas incident is the death that occurred on The Texas Giant in 2013. On July 19 of that year, a woman fell to her death after her restraints failed to properly secure into place.

How old is Kaitlyn Lassiter now?

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) — Wednesday, 14-year old Kaitlyn Lasitter and her parents joined a Massachusetts congressman in Washington, D.C. to talk about allowing the federal government to oversee amusement park rides.

What happened to the girl on Superman Tower of Power?

On June 21, 2007, a 13-year-old girl was severely injured on Superman: Tower of Power when a cable snapped shortly after the ride began, striking the passengers in Section 3 of the ride. The cable became entangled around the girl’s feet during the drop, shattering her left femur and severing both feet.

Why is Kentucky Kingdom closed?

Six Flags Inc. announced Thursday it would close its Kentucky theme park because of a lease dispute, making Kentucky Kingdom the sole property to be shut down as the company restructures under bankruptcy protection.

What happened to Rosa Ayala Gaona?

Rosa Ayala-Gaona Esparza, 52, was ejected from a Texas Giant roller coaster car on July 19. Her nearly severed body was found on the roof of the Honky Tonk tunnel, which covers a lower track of the ride, the report states.

What’s the worst amusement park accident?

Askari Amusement Park in Karachi, Pakistan A ride that swung passengers back and forth from a large pendulum broke down in the middle of operation. The collapse injured 25 people, and a 12-year-old girl was killed during the accident.

How much did Kaitlyn Lassiter get from Six Flags?

The settlement amount was undisclosed, but Larry Franklin, the family’s lawyer notes that Kaitlyn’s unpaid medical bills total nearly $500,000 and that Kentucky law allows recovery for future lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

What ride did the girl loose her leg?

A woman whose leg was amputated after a horrific accident at Alton Towers has given birth to a baby boy. Vicky Balch feared she would never have a baby after losing her leg on the theme park’s Smiler ride in 2015.

How many accidents have happened at Six Flags?

How many people died at Six Flags Great? Two parkgoers were stabbed and another was shot in three separate incidents . As a result, Six Flags Great Adventure installed metal detectors at the park entrance. June 17, 1987: A 19-year-old woman was killed when she fell from the Lightnin’ Loops roller coaster. What is the most dangerous ride ever?

What are the scariest rides at Six Flags over Texas?

– Fury 325. – Fury 325. – Superman: Escape from Krypton. – Superman: Escape from Krypton. – Top Thrill Dragster. – Top Thrill Dragster. – Kingda Ka. – Kingda Ka.

Which Six Flags is better in Texas?

– Six Flags Fiesta Texas San Antonio. I have been going to this park for over 10 years. I’ve always enjoyed going. – Must ride Batman! But only in cooler months! So much fun packed into a small space. Batman rollercoaster was my fav! – Adventures Rides

What does Six Flags have flown over Texas?

What are the Six Flags that fly over Texas? The flags of six nations have flown over Texas. They are: Spain (1519-1685; 1690-1821) France (1685-1690) Mexico (1821-1836) Republic of Texas (1836-1845) Confederate States of America (1861-1865)

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