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How difficult is the Associate safety professional exam?

How difficult is the Associate safety professional exam?

The ASP examination is a rigorous and difficult examination to pass and one should be allowed to maintain the credential if they so choose by virtue of passing the exam. Additionally, the ASP as a designation did not require any continuing education or recertification maintenance.

How do I prepare for the Associate safety professional exam?

There are a lot of ways to study for the ASPĀ® exam and none of them are wrong….What Materials Should You Use for ASPĀ® Exam Prep?

  1. Reading study books and guides.
  2. Using BCSP study apps.
  3. Attending workshops and lectures.
  4. Registering for three-day prep courses.

What kind of questions are on the CSP exam?

The CSP exam program includes both the Safety Fundamentals and the Comprehensive Practice examinations. Each of these exams consists of 200 multiple-choice questions, with four possible answers per question. Some answers may be partially correct, but there is only one best answer.

How many questions are on the CSP exam?

The CSP exam consists of 200 multiple-choice items. 25 of those questions are classified as unidentified pretest questions.

What is the pass rate for the Certified Safety Professional exam?

About 87% of people that take the CSP prep-course from Bowen EHS pass the CSP exam on their first try. Over the Fall/Spring exam cycles from 2019-2003 the average pass rate for the CIH was about 41%, with a range from 36.2%-57.9%.

What is passing score for ASP exam?

What is a passing score for the ASP exam? The minimum passing score for the ASP exam is 61%.

What are the 7 domains for the ASP?

These domains are Mathematics (selected safety related calculations), Safety Management Systems, Ergonomics, Fire Prevention and Protection, Occupational Health Engineering, Environmental Management, and Training, Education, and Communication.

What does CSP stand for in employment?

Share. The Certified Staffing Professional program features rigorous content focused on employment and labor law at both the federal and state levels.

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