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How do I add a logo to Wikipedia page?

How do I add a logo to Wikipedia page?

Upload an image that you own now.

  1. Click here to create an account on Wikimedia Commons automatically, where Wikipedia’s images are stored.
  2. Click the “upload file” link in the menu to the left.
  3. Follow the instructions to upload the file.

What do the symbols on Wikipedia mean?

Each piece bears a glyph (a letter or other character), or glyphs, symbolizing the multilingualism of Wikipedia. As with the Latin letter “W”, these glyphs are in most cases the first glyph or glyphs of the name “Wikipedia” rendered in that language.

Is the Wikipedia logo public domain?

See also the Wikipedia trademark disclaimer and Wikipedia:Logos. This image or logo only consists of typefaces, individual words, slogans, or simple geometric shapes. These are not eligible for copyright alone because they are not original enough, and thus the logo is considered to be in the public domain.

How do I add a logo to my infobox in Wikipedia?

An infobox appears at the side of a page to provide summary information….

  1. Click Edit to enter Visual Editor.
  2. Click on the Insert dropdown menu, and the option for Template.
  3. Type Infobox Wikipedia user and select the first option. Then click ‘Add template’.

Is the Wikipedia logo trademarked?

2.2 Notice or trademark symbol “[Wikimedia Wordmark / name of logo as listed here] is a trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation and is used with the permission of the Wikimedia Foundation. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation.”

Can I use Wikipedia logo?

The Wikimedia Community logo can be used freely. But you may not file trademark applications incorporating the logo. The Wikimedia community wants to ensure that the logo remains available for all to use.

Can I list my company on Wikipedia?

If you want to start a business page on Wikipedia, join the community first. Start by contributing to other pages before you sign up and create your business’s article. You need to create and edit relevant Wikipedia pages in your niche to learn the process of editing. 6.

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