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How do I clear the system event log?

How do I clear the system event log?

To clear the system log:

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer.
  3. In either pane of the Event Viewer window, right-click System and then select Clear All Events.

How do I delete Windows event log entries?

To do so :

  1. a. Press “Windows key + X” and select “Event Viewer”.
  2. b. Click the “Windows Logs” icon on the left window pane. This expands a list of Event Viewer logs.
  3. c. Right-click one of the logs you want to clear and select “Clear Log.” Windows deletes the Event Viewer log entry.
  4. d. Click the “Windows Logs” icon again.

Can I delete event log files?

You can also selectively clear the Windows event log as well. To do this, select the event log type from the left panel. Afterward, you can access the log you wish to delete from the right panel and choose the “Clear Log” option from the list of Actions.

Can I close Windows event log?

Right click on the event you want to clear and then left on the “Clear log”. After you are finished with clearing the event logs close the Event log window and you can go on with your work.

Can I delete logs folder in Windows?

Normally it’s safe to delete all files and folders in this location: C:\Windows > Logs.

What is the command used to clear the system logs in the Windows machine?

To clear the System log, use: ‘wevtutil cl System’ (without the quotes).

How long are Windows event logs kept?

Log and event storage best practices

Data type Data pruning default setting
Log inspection events 7 days
Application control events 7 days
System events Never
Server logs 7 days

Should I delete Windows log files?

Most users disregard them, as the files are usually only needed for detailed troubleshooting, but technically savvy users clear their event logs periodically, both to save space on the hard drive and to ensure that Windows can save new logs faster. Many users do this as part of their regular system maintenance.

What is an event log on a computer?

What are Windows Event Logs? At their core, Windows event logs are records of events that have occurred on a computer running the Windows operating system. These records contain information regarding actions that have taken place on the installed applications, the computer, and the system itself.

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