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How do I contact xcite?

How do I contact xcite?

– call center at 180-3535 for assistance between 8am to 10pm.

Who is the owner of Xcite?

Alghanim Industries
Our parent company, Alghanim Industries, is one of the largest, privately-owned companies in the Gulf region. A multi-national company in outlook with operations in 40 countries, Alghanim Industries is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with more than 30 businesses.

How do I track my xcite order?

How to Track Your Order on Xcite!

  1. GO TO “MY ACCOUNT” Login to your account, then click on “My Account” button at the top.
  2. CLICK ON “MY ORDERS” Once you visit your account, you will view a dashboard with.
  3. TRACK YOUR ORDER. Click the button “Track Order”.

How long does xcite free delivery take?

within 1-2 days
FREE delivery* within 1-2 days. Other delivery options may be available in checkout. Shop on or our mobile app & add products to your shopping cart.

How do I cancel an order on Xcite?

Send an email to [email protected] with you order number and contact details. One of our agents will contact you back to take you through the process.

Where is xcite from?

Xcite (part of Alghanim Industries) is an electronics store currently based in Kuwait.

Where is Omar Alghanim?

Based in London and named after the men in various generations of his family (his father is the ‘k’, he is the ‘o’, one of his sons the second ‘a’), it is just getting going. But Alghanim believes he has spotted ‘a nice niche’ in the world of private capital.

Does xcite deliver?

Enjoy shopping from from the comfort of your home while we deliver your products to your doorstep with free delivery options available.

When was xcite founded?


Industry Consumer Electronics Retail and Home furnishings Retail
Founded Kuwait
Headquarters Shuwaikh, Kuwait
Products Diversified
Website [1]

Who owns xcite West Lothian?

The current Directors are: Dr Cindy Brook. Beverly Greer. Karen Anderson. Sergio Tansini.

Who is kutayba Alghanim?

Kutayba Alghanim is the chairman of Alghanim Industries, which his late father Yusuf founded in 1932. His son Omar served as CEO until Dec. 2019. Alghanim sells GM and Ford cars in Kuwait, owns a consumer electronics retailer and Wendys restaurants in the Middle East, among other businesses.

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