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How do I filter the IP address of my router?

How do I filter the IP address of my router?

Click the Security->Firewall on the left of the page. Select Enable Firewall(the feneral firewall switch),and select Enable IP Address Filtering. If you just would like to allow some computers to access the Internet, please select Deny the packets not specified by any filtering rules to pass through the router.

What is IP address filtering?

IP filtering lets you control what IP traffic will be allowed into and out of your network. Basically, it protects your network by filtering packets according to the rules that you define. NAT allows you to hide your unregistered private IP addresses behind a set of registered IP addresses.

How secure is IP filtering?

IP filtering is better than nothing, but it’s got two problems: IP addresses can be spoofed. If an internal machine is compromised (that includes a client workstation, e.g. via installation of a Trojan), then the attacker can use that as a jump host or proxy to attack your system.

What does DNS filtering do?

DNS filtering is the process of using the Domain Name System to block malicious websites and filter out harmful or inappropriate content. This ensures that company data remains secure and allows companies to have control over what their employees can access on company-managed networks.

How do you whitelist a router?

2) In Whitelist mode, only the controlled devices can access your local network and internet. To add the device to Whitelist, click on Add button to type in the MAC address of the devices you want to allow.

What does IP SRC filter do?

IP Address Filtering is a mechanism that determines what to do with network data packets based on their sender or destination address. In either case the packet is inspected by a network router or firewall and based on rules set by an administrator, the packet is passed on to next node on the network.

How do I use IPv4 filtering?

To display: [Utility][Administrator Settings][Network Settings][TCP/IP Settings][IPv4 Filtering (Deny Access)] Specify an IPv4 address of a computer to which you want to deny access to this machine. Select whether to specify an IPv4 address that denies access to this machine. [Disable] is specified by default.

How do I setup a DNS filter?

Adding a DNS Control Rule

  1. Go to Policy > DNS Control.
  2. Click Add DNS Filtering Rule.
  3. Enter the rule attributes: Rule Order: The firewall automatically assigns the Rule Order number.
  4. Define the criteria: In the Who, Where, & When tab, you can choose the Users, Groups, Departments, and Locations to which this rule applies.

What is the most secure DNS server?

The 5 Best DNS Servers for Improved Online Safety

  1. Google Public DNS. IP Addresses: and
  2. OpenDNS. IP Addresses: and
  3. DNSWatch. IP Addresses: and
  4. OpenNIC. IP Addresses: and
  5. UncensoredDNS.

How do I restrict websites on my router?

Block Sites Through Router

  1. Find your router’s IP, and type it into any browser’s address bar to get to its settings page.
  2. Once you’re in your router settings page, look for a setting called Block Sites, Access Restrictions, or something similar.
  3. Once you find the setting, enter the domains you want to block.

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