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How do I get a 1-month free trial on YouTube?

How do I get a 1-month free trial on YouTube?

To be eligible for a 1-month trial:

  1. You must be signing up for YouTube Premium for the first time, or more than 6 months after canceling your previous membership.
  2. You must not have received a trial within the last 12 months.

Does YouTube TV have a 14 day free trial?

While anyone signing up will need to supply a form of payment as required, there’s the stipulation that anyone who wishes to opt out of the 14-day trial can do so before that time period is up, and they won’t be charged.

Why YouTube Premium is so expensive?

As it turns out, the prevalence of ad-blocking is one of the driving forces behind YouTube Premium. YouTube has long been the king of free videos, but those videos are expensive to host and stream. If people keep blocking ads, YouTube has no choice but to pursue alternative revenue models.

Where is the cheapest YouTube Premium?

The secret of saving lies in specific country, in which you activate YouTube Premium….YouTube without ads, playing on the background and access to YouTube Originals for only 35p.

Country Price Price in British pounds
USA 11.99 USD £ 8,87
Sweden 119 SEK £ 9,64
Italy 11.99 EUR £ 10,19
Spain 11.99 EUR £ 10,19

How long is YouTube 2021 free trial?

As standard, YouTube TV offers a seven-day free trial.

How do I get my 3 month free trial on YouTube?

Free 3 months YouTube Premium

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Click ‘try it free’ and sign up.
  3. Remember to cancel before the trial is up or else you’ll be charged to continue – though students can get a discounted subscription here.

How do I claim my 3 months free YouTube Premium?

To redeem your YouTube Premium trial: (1) Open the YouTube App and Go to Account / Profile (2) Tap Get YouTube Premium (3) Tap TRY IT FREE and complete sign-up.

How do I get $10 off YouTube?

For a limited time, T-Mobile and Sprint customers are eligible to receive: $10 discount on YouTube TV every month for 12 months. Get 3 months of YouTube Premium on Us….Redeem offer

  1. Enter your T-Mobile or Sprint Mobile number.
  2. Select one of the available offers:
  3. Log in with your T-Mobile ID or Sprint ID.

Does YouTube TV have a 7 day free trial?

As standard, YouTube TV offers a seven-day free trial.

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