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How do I get through the Mistralton City gym?

How do I get through the Mistralton City gym?

Rock, Electric and Ice Type attacks work well on the Flying Type Pokemon in this Gym.

  1. Enter the first cannon ahead of you as you walk in.
  2. Walk west when you land and use the nearby cannon to fire yourself to the east.
  3. Go up the stairs and fight Worker Brady.
  4. Fight Pilot Ted and take the cannon next to him to the NORTH.

How do you get to Mistralton Cave in Pokemon White?

It can be accessed by using Surf from Route 6; in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Mistralton Cave can also be accessed via the Clay Tunnel’s western terminus. Flash is needed to fully illuminate the cave.

How do I get into the Dragonspiral Tower?

The entrance to Dragonspiral Tower starts out connected to Icirrus City. If it’s winter, you can climb the top of the GYM and find a NeverMeltIce. Many types of Pokemon are in the grass before Dragonspiral Tower. Some Pokemon only appear at certain Seasons.

How do you beat Icirrus city Gym?

The Ice Type Pokemon used by the Trainers and Gym Leader Brycen are weak against Rock, Steel, Fighting and, of course, Fire Type attacks. Grab your Fresh Water at the door! This gym has a few ice-sliding puzzles.

How do you beat the flying Gym?

Flying-types are weak to Electric, Ice, and Rock. Given this team, though, trainers are going to definitely want to look for some Ice-types to use. This is because both Hoppip (who is Grass and Flying) and Gligar (Ground and Flying) are double weak to Ice-types.

How do you get through Chargestone Cave?

Use Fire Type attacks against Steel Pokemon and Water or Fighting Type attacks against Rock. Those pesky Joltik are weak against both Fire and Rock. Remember, you can use Dig to escape the cave and heal at the nearby house on Route 6 at any time!

Where can I find the legend of the dragon on dragonspiral tower?

When you approach the entrance to the Dragonspiral Tower area, you find Professor Juniper’s dad, Cedric, outside. As you go up to him, Bianca will arrive. Cedric will tell you that a large group of Team Plasma grunts has taken over the Tower. He mentions the legend of the dragon atop the tower.

What Pokémon can you catch outside of dragonspiral tower?

Some new pokémon that you can catch outside of Dragonspiral Tower are Mienfoo and Druddigon. Druddigon can’t be found outside of the tower during Winter, but can be found inside of the tower at any time of year. You will also find Golett inside of the tower. A few pokémon that I recommend bringing are Ducklett, Litwick, Frillish and Ferroseed.

Where can I find Team Plasma in the dragonspiral tower?

When you go into the Dragonspiral Tower area, you find a Team Plasma grunt standing outside, just south of the bridge leading up to the tower. This grunt doesn’t fight you.

Where can I find the hidden power of the Celestial Tower?

Celestial Tower is a place north of town that you can reach by going up Route 7. You’ll have to go find her at Celestial Tower before you can challenge her Gym. In the Pokémon Center here in Mistralton, there is a guy near the Nurse who can check on one of your pokémon and tell you what its Hidden Power would be.

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