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How do I get to Trunk Bay BVI?

How do I get to Trunk Bay BVI?

From Cruz Bay – take Rte 20 ( North Shore Road) approx. 2.5 miles. There’s a scenic overlook where the majority of Trunk Bay pictures are taken. Continue on down the hill and you’ll see signs for Trunk Bay beach parking.

Do you have to pay to go to Trunk Bay?

There’s a $5 admission fee to access Trunk Bay. Its facilities, which include a snack bar, restrooms and showers, are open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

How do you get to Trunk Bay beach?

Getting to Trunk Bay is also very easy. When you get off the ferry from St Thomas, you’ll be arrive in Cruz Bay. In Cruz Bay, grab a taxi to take you out to the beach, a distance of about 3 miles. Most taxi drivers will stop to let you take pictures from the lookout.

How long is the ferry ride from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke?

42 min
The best way to get from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke without a car is to taxi and ferry which takes 42 min and costs $70 – $80.

Which is better honeymoon beach or Trunk Bay?

There’s no coral reef at Honeymoon, but there are fish to see. Trunk probably has better snorkeling on most days, but it’s also more crowded generally. Both have one or two bars, but they’re not resort worthy. Drink selections may be limited.

Are there bathrooms at Trunk Bay?

Trunk Bay Beach Amenities include snack shack, bar, snorkel gear rentals, a beach shop, restrooms, and showers. There is a day-use fee of $5.00 per person.

Do they have food at Trunk Bay?

Food & Drink at Trunk Bay Beach There is a snack bar and souvenir shop at Trunk Bay Beach, which stays open from 10 am to 4 pm. They serve hot food, snacks and sodas, freshly dipped ice cream and fruit popsicles, beer, cocktails and mocktails.

How far is Trunk Bay from the ferry?

three miles
The distance between the Cruz Bay Ferry Terminal and Trunk Bay is just over three miles. Because of how hilly the islands are, it’ll be a 10-15 minute drive from the ferry terminal to Trunk Bay.

Is Trunk Bay Nice?

Trunk Bay is the most iconic spot to visit in Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John and perhaps in all of the Caribbean for that matter. Trunk Bay has routinely been voted as a top ten most beautiful beach to visit in the world.

Is there a ferry from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke?

We provide daily ferry services to Jost van Dyke from West End, Tortola to Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke. The cost of a round trip ticket is $30 (Free for Kids under 5). Take a look at our schedule.

What island is Soggy Dollar Bar on?

the British Virgin Islands
The Soggy Dollar Bar is exactly what you’d hope a Caribbean beach bar would be like. This laid-back bar in the British Virgin Islands is situated on the ever-beautiful White Bay on Jost Van Dyke.

Is there shade at Trunk Bay?

With glittering shades of turquoise sea popping against bright white sand, it’s easy to get lost in your surroundings. Trunk Bay is also longer than many other St.

What is Trunk Bay known for?

Trunk Bay is sort of the Holy Grail of St. John beaches, offering a wide expanse of pristine white sand and azure water marked by a small offshore cay. The gentle surf and reefs around the island make it a great spot for beginning snorkelers, and the marked underwater “trail” offers a lesson in Sea Life 101.

How long is the boat ride from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke?

approximately 1h 40m
No, there is no direct ferry from Saint Thomas to Jost Van Dyke. However, there are services departing from Charlotte Amalie and arriving at Jost Van Dyke via Cruz Bay, St John. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 1h 40m.

How do you get around Jost Van Dyke?

The only way to get to Jost Van Dyke is by ferry or private boat. Day-sail operators, both in the USVI and the BVI, take guests here daily, and there are regularly scheduled ferries from West End, Tortola (25 minutes), St.

Who owns Soggy Dollar?

Jerry O’Connell
“A lot of our neighbors, a lot of the island will not have the means to rebuild,” said Jerry O’Connell, owner of the Soggy Dollar Bar and Sandcastle Hotel of the British Virgin Islands.

Why is the Soggy Dollar Bar famous?

About 300 years later, tucked away in White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, the legendary Soggy Dollar Bar was built and became the birthplace of the original Painkiller rum drink. The bar is famous among Caribbean travelers for its unblemished casual vibe and pristine white sand, dock-free beach.

Is Tortola water clear?

Tortola’s wide sandy beaches are rarely crowded on Tortola, unless a cruise ship is in port. The best beaches are on the northern coast, especially Cane Garden Bay with its silky stretch of sand and gin-clear waters.

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