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How do I set default value in value prompt in Cognos?

How do I set default value in value prompt in Cognos?


  1. In IBM Cognos Connection, click the set properties button.
  2. On the Report tab for Report Studio reports, the Query tab for Query Studio reports, or the Analysis tab for Analysis Studio reports, under Prompt values, click either Set or Edit.
  3. Select the default value for the prompts and click OK.

How do you make a date prompt empty by default in Cognos analytics?


  1. Open Cognos Analytics in a browser.
  2. Select ‘New’ and select the ‘Report’ option.
  3. Choose any template for the report and select ‘OK’.
  4. Select the Toolbox icon in the left side panel.
  5. Expand the ‘PROMPTING’ option and drag the ‘Date prompt’ to the report.
  6. Select ‘Finish’.

How do I set default prompt?

Specify a Default Selection for a Prompt

  1. Click the prompt control.
  2. To define a range of values, in the Properties pane, set the Range property to Yes.
  3. To specify more than one default selection, in the Properties pane, set the Multi-select property to Yes.

What is value prompt in Cognos?

After you set prompts for the first time in the IBM Cognos Viewer window and import the report into a Microsoft Office document, you can change prompt values when you refresh the reports or import additional report elements. The next time the report is refreshed, the new value is used to filter the data.

How do I disable the prompt page in Cognos?

Conn, here are the steps,

  1. Click Set properties for the report in the cog con.
  2. Click Run with Options.
  3. Uncheck “Prompt for values”

How do I add a variable to a prompt?

To store user‐entered data in a variable, you create a new variable and then follow it with =. You then follow it with the prompt statement.

How does prompt work in Javascript?

prompt() instructs the browser to display a dialog with an optional message prompting the user to input some text, and to wait until the user either submits the text or cancels the dialog.

How do I use Cascade prompt in Cognos?


  1. To make the cascading source a required prompt, select it and, in the Properties pane, set the Required property to Yes.
  2. Click the prompt control to use as a cascading prompt.
  3. In the Properties pane, double-click the Cascade source property.
  4. Click the parameter that represents the cascade source.

What are prompt values?

Value Prompt. Value prompts are useful when the result desired on the report is a single value, such as a specific date, a number, or a specific word or phrase. The value prompt is designed to return report results based on the data type assigned to the data in the data source.

How do I display the prompt value in Cognos report?

  1. Drag and drop the Text item into the top row of the table.
  2. The Text box will open.
  3. Enter the text to be displayed – remember to add a space after the text.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. From the Insertable Objects Pane, drag and drop the Layout Calculation item to the right of the.
  6. The Report Expression box will open.

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